The Chainsmokers Top 10 new songs: Experiencing a whole new world of music

In the universe of music, The Chainsmokers are an American based disc jockey. They are not only the producers but also the song writers. The band has in them the members namely- Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Both these singers rose in the prospect owing to the fame they received through the release of the song 2014 hit named- Selfie. All the songs by this duo are anticipated to be the best. The singers are in the realm of music owing to the singers just superb to expect staying in the industry for a longer timing. We along with our experts prepared the below list of songs which you all will surely love to listen.

Top 10 songs 2016 of The Chainsmokers which will take you on your toes

The Chainsmokers were formed as an EDM DJ as a duo in the year 2012. This is the management which started in the New York University. The Chainsmokers latest news is that Indian actress Priyanka Chopra took part in the singles named- ERASE. The major deal was signed with the record of the Republic. The rhythm of the songs by this DUO can create a different atmosphere which can even make a dull man rock the floor.

Chainsmokers top 10 songs list and upcoming albums and events in 2016

The top 10 songs of the Chainsmokers are as follows:

1. Selfie: The platinum success of the song among the listeners. The song was released in the year 2014, August 8. The genre is electro house and thus it created a superb growth among the music industry.

2. Young Hearts: The artist of the song is Strange Talk and the Remixer is The Chainsmokers. The song stands among The Chainsmokers top 10 songs. The beats of the song makes everyone.

3. Habits-(Stay high): The song is among the best songs of the Chainsmokers. The song is sung by Tove Lo. The genre of the song is progressive House. The release of the song created a new revolution in the life of the music lovers and the newbie singers.

4. Jealous: The song is sung by Chromeo. The song was remixed by the band- The Chainsmokers. The release date of the song was on May 26, 2014. It turned out to be a great release owing to the genre of the song.

5. Erase: Watching the video of the song will give the best remixed and thus is regarded to be among the list of The Chainsmokers popular songs. This song is regarded as the best added to the list of favourites.

6. The Rookie: The electronic genre of the song is regarded as a superb song owing to the composition as well as the remixes of the song. The song is among the Chainsmokers songs list.

7. We Own The Night: Watch the video and listen to the songs. The remixes are just splendid that makes the song stands among the best lot of the song list. This is taken from the album of remixes of The Chainsmokers.

8. Kanye: The artists of the songs were Chainsmokers as well as sirenXX. The genre of the song is electro House. The release date of the song is September 2, 2014. The song is made from the ideology of a teenager.

9. Push: The song is among a guitar based rock song. The song is notably the best among the Chainsmokers best songs ever heard. The remixes in the song depicts the latest version of rock is brought out through the lyrics of the song. Thus the song is regarded as the Chainsmokers best songs 2016.

10. Push Push: the remixed song is from the genre progressive house. The release date is on 25th November in this year. The song has won the public choice song of the year. The biggest hit of the musical duo.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of the Chainsmokers

The anticipated best songs of these singers are taken into consideration owing to the best collection of songs that are about to come up shortly. The new songs that are about to be released in the forthcoming year are as follows:

The top Music Videos of the Chainsmokers are reputed to be among the best songs ever. The tremendous support that the digital sales gave to the CDs is just enough to create difference by standing aloof from the musical crowd. Keep visiting this section at regular interval as here we will offer more information Chainsmokers, upcoming songs 2016 as well as the upcoming concerts in the coming time.