Charli XCX top 10 new songs 2016 : that gives you great reason to enjoy yourself

Charli XCX is a top British singer and song writer of 2016. Her real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison but she is very popular through her stage name, Charli XCX. Her debut album was released in 2012. She won several millions of hearts through her wonderful and unparalleled talent and experience. She has wooed her audience completely with the help of her exclusive musical taste and great understanding. It is through her wonderful and exclusive understanding about melody that she has been able to make her own mark in the musical industry. She has also received great acclaim and accolades from different parts of the world. Everybody loves her presence in the industry and she and her great efforts are also enjoyed by her listeners.

Listen to the best songs of Charli XCX till 2016

Charli XCX new songs are always loved by her fans. She is one of the best and most exclusive singers of the music industry. Her wonderful melody and great selection of rhythm also impresses her fans and listeners. Charli XCX new singles are the best way for her fans to get entertained and to love and to enhance their understanding. It is through her special and wonderful songs that she had managed to develop great place for herself.

Charli XCX top 10 songs 2016 and upcoming shows in 2016

Here is the list of the top 10 songs till 2016 of the singer:

1. I Love it- This song has brought necessary kind of attention to the singer and it have also helped her to woo her listeners completely and to grab great and wonderful ideas. You will have a great time listening to this wonderful piece. It is also considered as one of the best songs of Charli XCX.

2. Fancy- the great voice and amazing kind of music sense of the singer has just brought to you this wonderful piece of music that will help you to feel good and explicit. It is one of the best songs that can enhance your mood and can bring you in close contact with the music industry.