Dierks Bentley is a very talented American country singer and also a song writer. This popular personality has been associated with Nashville records from the year 2003. The Nashville record is now currently known as spike TV. The audience has always recognized and applauded this country music singer for his rare and unique voice. He rose to status through his debut in 2003 and since then he has been entertaining his fans amazingly and is giving them a reason to cherish his work effectively. The work of this talented singer has been gravely appreciated by his fans. This talented singer not only won the hearts of millions but also managed to win many honorable awards. The star has been rewarded with the prestigious Grammy award but has also managed to gain position in the top 100 billboards list.

Popular songs 2016 of DIERKS BENTLEY

Dierks Betley new songs have been able to woo his fans and catch their attention significantly. Audience easily relate to the songs of this star. Dierks Betlye new singles are loved by his fans as it provides them reason to enjoy and a nice track to dance on.

Dierks Bentley top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming shows

Below is the list of top 10 songs 2016 of this country singer.

1. WHAT WAS I THINKING: There are only few songs that changed the records of the radio. This song was mostly played and requested in the radio after its release. The fans of this star used to shout and scream each and every word of this song. Therefore the song was a massive hit.

2. COME A LITTLE CLOSER: this song was a second single of the star from the album CALLED modern day drifter. The amazingly romantic and touchy song was hugely appreciated by the audience. The romantic lyrics and the melodious tune touched the heart of millions. This single had won gold. Later it had also topped in billboard awards.

3. HOME: home was no. 1 in Bentley’s list and had also won Gold in the year 2012. This song was different from the usual country style of the star. The song was a mixture of pride and patriotism. The fans hugely appreciated this different style of music. This song is definitely one of Dierks Bentley top 10 songs 2016.

4. Free and easy: after the last four ballads, Bentley was ready to surprise his fans with a massive hit again. The song was released in the summer of 2007. The song was a massive hit and also managed to gain a position in the top 5 hit. The song later not only won the heart of millions but also managed to win many prestigious awards. This song definitely deserves to be in Dierks Bentley song list.

5. 5-1-5-0: the song not only had a clever and catchy name, but the police code was used quite smartly in the song for an unstable mental man. This song was a piece that sounded more like Dierk’s original country songs. This is one of the most popular songs of Dierks Bentley.

6. I want to make you close your eyes: Dierks Bentley was already a heart throb when this romantic music had released in the year 2009. The song was hugely applauded and touched the hearts of his millions of fans. The song won many awards for its touchy lyrics.

7. LOT OF HEAVEN LEFT TO DO: Dierks Bentley became a rocks star due to this single. The song had managed to top the billboards. It not only won many awards but was also appreciated by the audience.

8. LONG TRIP ALONE: this song can definitely resemble and portray the dark phase of the pop star. The song turned out to be a big hit and also dealt with the feelings of the audience. The critics hugely appreciated the song.

9. MY LAST NAME: this song was a single release but on spectators demand, it was added in the album. The song was already a massive hit and had won many awards. During its 1st release it topped to hit list.

10. HOW AM I DOING: Bentley has previously released many revenge songs. In the year 2003, this revenge song was well taken and applauded by the audience. It was definitely one of the best songs of Dierks Bentley.


DIERKS BENTLEY upcoming album 2016 has kept his fans hugely awaited for his blockbuster hits. The spectators are eagerly waiting to hear more from this talented pop star. In short span of time we will get all information about upcoming concert and ventures of this star.

DIERKS BENTLEY upcoming songs 2016 are expected to be a massive hit. The fans are hugely awaited for more of Dierks talented songs. Keeping visiting us on regular basis so that you remain updated about DIERKS BENTLEY.