DISCLOSURE AN UNDERDOG TALENT- Top 10 new songs of this duo will make you energetic

The Lawrence brothers, popularly known as Disclosure, have risen to stardom quite impressively. It was not a long time when these brothers were producing beats sitting at home. But now they are popularly known as the disclosure. It ended up with a UK no.1 album. This album is mostly played in clubs and discs. Their music has a sign of influence from UK garage and classic house. It has also been derived from powerful or memorable melodies and even poppy vocals. This famous band has definitely shown how to make the audience dance to its beats.

Songs that will make you fall in love with yourself – Top 10 songs of Disclosure in 2016

DISCLOSURE NEW SONGS 2016 have been able to grab the attention of the audience and blow them with their beats. Disclosure new singles are hugely awaited by the fans as they always bring something new to the plate. The band has always stood out due to its uniqueness. The quirkiness of the band has always been hugely appreciated by the audience. This UK band has also managed to top the billboard charts several times. We made selection of top popular songs of this duo which our experts believe will surely entertain you.

Disclosure top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming songs and events

Here is a list of the top 10 songs of this talented band.

1. What’s in your head: this song is intriguing due to its softy melody and touchy lyrics. The song is a definite standout from other songs. The song is definitely one of the best songs of Disclosure.

2. Tenderly: this soft song is a must in clubs due to its various remixes. The words and the beats are very unique and will make the audience dance on their feet. The song was hugely appreciated by the fans of Disclosure. It was also one of the massive hits of the band. Don’t miss the chance to listen to this awesome number of disclosure.

3. Latch: even though this song has never been released officially, it has still turned out to be one of the most popular songs. The song was very well appreciated by the audience. The rare beats and the music kept the feet tappers stunned due to its originality.

4. White Noise: everybody knew that this song would be a massive hit after the 1st teaser was released. The band lived up to its name and expectations of the fan. This song became one of the most popular songs of disclosure.

5. Tenderness: this song is a continuation of the popular song tender. The song not only won many awards but also the heart of millions. It was hugely appreciated by the spectators and also received the high end of the critics. You will fall in love with them when you listen to this exciting number sung by them

6. You and me: this romantic song touched the heart of the audience with its romantic lyrics and melody. After this song was released, it was the most demanding one over the radio. It also got thumbs up in many musical award shows.

7. Control: in the early 2012, disclosure started getting a lot of attention from the radio. That’s when this song became a blockbuster hit. It won the hearts of million people. It is definitely one of disclosure top 10 songs 2016.

8. You and me (Bauer remix): the original version of the song was very popular but the new remix version touched a different level of uniqueness. The song managed to win many awards and was also appreciated by many top singers and record companies. This song became even popular with this new version.

9. Defeated no more: the song, defeated no more, connected with the listeners very deeply and was hugely appreciated by the fans of disclosure. It was very well taken by the fans and due to the encouraging lyrics of the song; it completely deserves to be in Disclosure’s song list.

10. At home: this song was a massive hit that also featured crystal fighters. When a song has been made with the collaboration of such two beautiful bands, the song is bound to be a massive hit. This unique song was taken in very well by the spectators.


DISCLOSURE upcoming albums that is all set to be released soon for introducing with the new compositions of the artist. You will love each and every piece that is a part of this album because of its amazing melody and great lyrics. In coming time we will give you more information about the upcoming concerts and projects of this star which you all will be eager to know.

Disclosure latest songs 2016 are anticipated by the viewers as they are ready to listen something amazing and different so Stay tuned with us for more updates.