DJ Tiesto Top 10 new songs 2016 : the best disc jockey in the town

DJ Tiesto was known as the Tjis Michiel Verwest in the beginning years. But of late he is known as simply Tiesto. DJ Tiesto was born on 17th of January, 1969. The present name is just a tweak of the musician’s childhood name. The musician hails from Holland. The singer has been around in the realm of music for quite a bit of time in 2016. It should be kept in mind that DJ Tiesto is more than just a singer. DJ Tiesto is a brand in itself. There is a huge fan following that DJ Tiesto enjoys and this has stayed put over the many years that he has stayed in the industry.

Amazing Top 10 songs 2016 of DJ Tiesto

The Dutch Dj Tiesto, also known by the name Tiesto- the name is a twist of his nickname. The Dutch Dj is also an eminent producer of records. The DJ Tiesto latest news is that the founder of the Black hole recordings with amalgamation with Arny Bink. The songs by him are able to rock the floor making the most impact over the listeners and the music lovers. Every song of this Star singer will surely impress you. Our experts invest huge time to make the selection of Top 10 songs of DJ Tiesto till 2016 and we are sure that you are going to love it.

DJ Tiesto top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming tour and events

DJ Tiesto top ten songs till 2016 sung are being enlisted below:

1. Zero 76: This song that stands among DJ Tiesto top 10 songs 2016 owing to the music as well as the rhythm. The song holds the best storyline ever in the music history of his era.

2. Hell Yeah: The wonderful song to drive one out in the night only through the lyrics. The beats of the song is just unforgettable. Thus this song is the DJ Tiesto best songs 2016.

3. Adagio Strings: Out of all the genres a song is comprised with this is the best of the lot. It just enlightens the soul and the mind of the listener and the music lovers all around. Thus it is considered as the masterpiece of the creations. One of the best songs so far by DJ Tiesto is Adagio Strings