Drake top 10 new songs that you should not miss

Drake is a wonderful Canadian rapper and songwriter who have established his name in the musical industry with his great efforts and skills. His real name is Aubrey Drake Graham but he is popular through his center name. He rose to status through his debut in 2009 and since then he has been entertaining his fans amazingly and is giving them a reason to cherish his work effectively. He has also garnered great recognition because of his highly amazing pieces of art that he is coming with. His songs have been ruling the chartbusters and have wonderfully grabbing the attention of the music lovers who are sitting in different parts of the world. His talent has also helped him to win Grammy Award and Juno Awards and has been able to grab a significant position at the BillBoard records. He is one of the most famous artists of the era and has won several nominations and awards for his wonderful contribution.

Listen to the awesome top songs 2016 sung by Drake

Drake new songs have been able to woo his fans and grab their attention significantly. The new songs have proved them the caliber and the ability of this artist. Drake new singles 2016 are loved by his fans as it provides them a reason to enjoy and a track to dance on.

Drake top 10 songs 2016 list

Below is the list of top 10 songs 2016 of this rapper specially selected by our expert team just for you.

1. Forever- This is a wonderful rap song that is pretty good in terms of its melody and music. You will automatically find your leg tapping on the floor when you listen to this great song that is sung wonderfully by Drake. This peppy number makes people fall in love with it whenever they listen to it.

2. Headlines- This song is considered as one of the greatest rap songs that have ever been produced. This is an amazing song that has got its own style and unique attention grabbing voice of the singer. It is definitely one of the best songs of Drake. It has established him in the music industry.

3. Over- this song has helped the artist to carve his own space and image in the music industry and it is also through this song that he is considered as one of the best rappers of the world. The amazing music and great lyrics of this rap song gives you an elated feeling.

4. Best I Ever Had- this song has made the singer amazingly popular among his fans. His wonderful ability also came to the limelight through it and he delivered a great reason to the people to enjoy them and groove on his tunes.

5. Marvin’s Room- this is the perfect example of the musical ability of Drake and it is one of the most popular songs of Drake. This has earned him great attention and appreciation that has worked wonders for his career. It is also very popular among the listeners especially among the youngster because of its efficient tunes.

6. Take Care-this is a wonderful peppy number that has come from Drake. It made him popular and helped him to take a step ahead in his career and get noticed by the critics of the industry.

7. Find Your Love- This is a perfect song for every party. It deserves your attention and is also perfect for you to hit the dance floor and experience something distinctive. The amazing tune and lyrics of the song is just an ideal choice for you when you want to elevate your mood. It is one of Drake top 10 songs 2016.

8. The Motto- Once you hear this song you can’t stop humming it. This is one of the best songs that you will ever get to hear. It wonderfully grabs the attention of the people.

9. HYFR- For many fans this is a great song that you will always love to experience and hear. This is a great song that deserves to be among Drake songs list.

10. Started from the Bottom- This is a highly entertaining song that deserves to be among your playlist because of its groovy music and great entertainment that it provides to you.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of Drake

Views From The 6 is one of Drake upcoming albums that is all set to be released soon for introducing with the new compositions of the artist. You will love each and every piece that is a part of this album because of its amazing melody and great lyrics.

Drake latest songs 2016 are anticipated by the viewers as they are ready to listen to something amazing and different. Stay tuned with us to keep updated about the latest news of Drake and his songs.