Eminem top 10 new songs that must definitely listen

Eminem is a well known and very popular American rapper and record producer. His real name is Marchall Bruce Mathers II but he is widely knows with his stage name Eminem and his alter ego Slim Shady. He is a very popular artist who has also been ranked among The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time by the famous magazine Rolling Stone that also declared him the Kind of Hip Hop. This is an amazing personality and great figure of the modern music industry and is widely appreciated and loved by all individuals located in different parts of the world. This rapper is also World’s best selling artists of all time. The reason for his wonderful popularity among his fans is because of his distinctive music sense, wonderful vocal and amazing kind of special innovations in rhythms and beats. He has also won Grammy Award for Best Rap Album for his second album The Slim Shady LP that was released in 1999. Making a debut in 1996 with the album Infinite, this rock star has proved his worth in the music industry by making drastic success and gaining critical and commercial acclaim.

Breathtaking music that will make you fall in love with Eminem

Eminem new songs are something that his fans always look for. They want to hear each and every work of the artist with the help of which he entertains them and showcases his amazing abilities. It is through the Eminem new singles that his fans cherish his work and also gets to meet their expectations.

Eminem top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming albums tracklists

Here is the list of top best songs of Eminem that you will never want to miss out

1. Lose Yourself- This is one of the most popular songs of the actor and it is known for its wonderful and amazing lyrics and great composition. This song empowered the singer to rule millions of hearts and to wonderfully enjoy a great position in their music chartbusters. It is one of Eminem top 10 songs of 2016.

2. Love the Way You Lie- Paired with Rihanna in this video, this song has been one of the best songs ever produced by Eminem. This is a mid tempo track and is known for its great and amusing emotions and feelings.

3. Smack That- You just cannot miss this song of Eminem as it is capable of wooing you and giving you a sneak peek in the wonderful talent and skill of the singer. He has featured in this song and has wooed his audience and listeners wonderfully through his excellent work. It is one of the best songs of Eminem.

4. Without Me- This is one of the best songs that you can connect with. It helps you to gain an insight about the amazing intelligence and knowledge of the singer in this song. You will also get to know about his great music interest.

5. Not Afraid- This song re-introduced Eminem in the music industry with his amazing and great skills through which he has ruled over the industry. This song has aided the singer to set himself strongly in the hearts of all his fans. It is one of the most popular songs of Eminem.

6. Cleanin’ Out My Closet- This wonderful song is loved by the people not only because of its wonderful song but it is also popular as it is capable of holding your breathe and interest till the end.

7. The Real Slim Shady- This song cannot be compared with any other song of the world. This is amazing and wonderful song that helps you to enjoy your own company and be in a good mood always. It also leaves a great and immense impact on your mind because of its wonderful lyrics. It deserves to be among Eminem songs list.

8. Just Lose It- As the name of the song suggests people just lose themselves when they start listening to it and it is also very capable to woo them wonderfully.

9. Forever- It is a great song that deserves to be mentioned whenever we talk about the wonderful songs of this singer.

10. Crack a Bottle- this song has helped the singer to get the award for Best Rap performance and he has also been able to wonderfully woo his listeners through his excellent ability.

Upcoming songs, albums and events 2016 of Eminem

The artist is all set to meet the expectations of his fans and to woo them all over again through Eminem upcoming albums that are going to release soon. The latest albums include:

• Coming Soon….

Eminem latest songs 2016 surely spellbound his fans and give him a great opportunity to garner huge and amazing accolades from his fans. Feel the beauty of music listening to Eminem songs this season.