Enrique Iglesias top 10 new songs : the Latin pop King who touches the heart of millions

Enrique Iglesias- The name that has been banging his millions of fans with his music in 2016. He is basically regarded as he King of Latin Pop. The origin being in Spain, The Latin Singer got into the musical career in the mid 90s. According to American Spanish record of language, it was heard that Fonovisa Records turned him desperately into a talented singer. The record of Fonovisa was introduced in the year 1986. The ambidextrous singer has also proved himself to be a fantastic actor, song writer as well as a superb record producer. With a splendid turnover he had made a triumphant intersect into the Hollywood music industry. With every successful release of the albums, the eminent singer became renowned as a pop fusion of Latin melodies.

Enrique Iglesias is different in every aspect compared to other singers- presenting the top 10 songs of the singer

Enrique Iglesias signed a multi album deal with the Universal Music Group under the label of Republic Records. Thus the music lovers started to spot his singing ability one after another. Enrique Iglesias latest news is that the music groups he was acquainted with released bilingual albums of him. These successful records no doubt made him rank among the second best selling artist introduced through the music world. Not less than 100 million records of him were sold worldwide. The style he holds in every song is different in every aspect compared to other singers of the era.

Enrique Iglesias top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming songs and events

If you are willing to know about the top 10 popular songs till 2016 of this wonderful singer of the music industry, then you need to check out the below list of songs specially prepared for you. We are sure you will just love these songs.

The top 10 Enrique Iglesias songs are till 2016:

1. Hero: The song is a wonderful romantic song bringing out the inner voice of a true lover and a hero in the real sense. The lyric of the song makes it ranks among Enrique Iglesias latest songs.

2. Tonight: This song is full of fantastic as well as sizzling rhythm owing to the astonishing words that spreads the magical charm on its listeners. This song received a load of praises and accolades. Somebody’s Me:

3. Addicted: This is one of Enrique Iglesias top 10 songs. This is a wonderstruck song really different from others.