Halloween Party Songs : that sets your mood for the party and helps you to enjoy

What are the top Halloween party songs that sets your mood for the party and helps you to enjoy : Halloween is a secular holiday that efficiently brings together the wonderful combination of traditional festivities and dressing up in style. This is a festival in which people generally dresses up as horror characters and play pranks on each other. This festival has significantly achieved popularity throughout the world mainly after globalization. It is also an inspiration for people all around the globe to explicitly indulge in parties dedicated for people dressed up in Halloween based characters. These parties are wonderfully popular and are a hit among the people of all ages.

List of Halloween party songs which can set the mood for any Halloween party in true sense

However celebrating Halloween party without a perfect music does not set the mood. There are various songs that have been produced for this particular theme party. Celebrating a Halloween party in 2016 with the help of these songs will make you enjoy it to the fullest and it also brings a great treat for your guests. These songs are a wonderful companion for your party that you can excellently celebrate with your friends and family members.

Top Halloween Party Songs 2016

Here is the list of top 10 best songs which are suitable for your Halloween party.

1. Thriller by Michael Jackson- This is the best song for your Halloween party. This amazing piece of music by Michael Jackson has been incredibly popular among listeners because of its wonderful lyrics and the creepy feel which is attached with it. It was produced in 1982 but it is still considered as one of the most amazing songs of the era. This song is leading the list of top 10 Halloween party songs 2016.

2. The Monster Mash by Bobby Boris Pickett- This 1962 song still has been among the favorite of the listeners and the Halloween party goers. The song has been wonderfully known its amazing melody and excellent music through which it entertains the listeners and also sets the perfect idea for the party. It is one of the most loved Halloween party songs that have been produced.

3. Nightmare on My Street By DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- This amazing music has been produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. It is one of the most popular songs that has been produced and has amazingly caught the attention of the listeners. This song is very popular since its release in 1988. It is perfect for adding good humor to your party.

4. Tubular Bells Pt. 1 by Mike Oldfield- This is an incredible song that sets the perfect mood for your Halloween gathering and it also makes you feel creepy in a melodious way. It is an impressive song that has experienced great popularity. It is also one of the most amazing Halloween party songs.

5. The Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show- This song is perfect for your party. It not only sets the wonderful and suitable environment but is also able to make you feel the horror which is embedded in its lyrics and music. This is one of the most amazing Halloween party songs which makes you dance.

6. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr.- This song excellently tops the list of Halloween party songs which makes you feel the fun and entertainment attached with it. The song makes you understand the wonderful element of horror and scary.

7. Season of the Witch by Donovan- This song was a super hit when it released in the year 1966 and since then it has been known for its horror and witchcraft feel.

8. Pet Sematary by Ramones- This 1989 song is known for its exclusive feel and wonderful creepiness attached with it. The song is amazingly known for its wonderful theme that it provides to your party.

9. Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell- This 1984 hit of Rockwell makes the Halloween party goers love their gathering and it is one of the most unmatched pop hits that you can ever experience. It is also considered as one of the best Halloween party songs that are loved by people throughout the world.

10. Psycho Killer by Talking Heads- Have you organized a Halloween gathering? Are you looking for perfect song that will fascinate your guests? Then this song is an ideal choice for you.

These songs produced for Halloween parties are known for its excellent beats and wonderful music which sets the horror based environment for making your guests highly entertained. Whenever you plan for a Halloween party next time make sure to play in year 2016 the above listed Halloween party songs to make it special.