This Jake Owen has always been reckoned not only for his amazing singing talent but also for his extra ordinary good looks. Jake Owen has proven he can sing rowdy as well as vulnerable songs. He can also touch hearts with his tender, tough, romantic and scorned music. His talent has proved that he is worth millions of dollars and is the reason why his fans turn out to see him at his live shows. Jake Owen is one of the most popular singers of all time. He is well reckoned for his summer love songs and country music.


Jake Owen has mostly sung songs in singles. He has gone through ups and downs but finally got his huge breakthrough in the year 2006. His songs have received a huge number of alcolades as well as have been well reckoned and hugely appreciated by the spectators. This singer has always managed to swift the audience of their feet with his melodious music. Here are lists of Jake Owens top 10 songs 2016.

Jake Owen top 10 songs list and upcoming songs and albums in 2015
1. BAREFOOT BLUE JEAN NIGHT: this song was Jake Owens biggest commercial hit. The song won double platinum and also built a record by selling 2 million copies. The song was a huge blockbuster. This is one of Jake Owen’s new singles 2016.

2. STARTIN WITH ME: this song made Jake Owen the best country music singer in the eyes of the spectators. It was take in very well and also turned out to be a massive blockbuster.

3. DAYS OF GOLD: this song of Jake Owen is by far the most upbeat and fast song. By the end of the song, it will leave you gasping for air due to its super fast melody.

4. EIGHT SECOND RIDE: while the critics gave a mixed review towards the song, the fans of Owen were unanimous about loving it. The song was mostly demanded on radio and played in all hip clubs. This is one of the best songs of Jake Owen’s top song list 2016.

5. ALONE WITH YOU: this steamy music became a no. 1 hit. It also won the country platinum award in the year 2012. The depiction of his love story through his song deeply connected with the audience. This is one of Jake Owen’s best songs.

6. THE JOURNEY OF YOUR LIFE: this song had a great impact not only on Owens fans but also on the spectators. Even with its soft and touchy lyrics, the song became a huge blockbuster. It deeply connected with the audience. This is one of Jake Owen’s top 10 songs 2016.

7. YEE HAW: even though all the songs of Jake Owen are pretty much hot, Yee haw was the hottest of all songs. Its quirky beats definitely made this song one of a kind. This song was mostly played in clubs and discos. The unique tune definitely won the hearts of millions.

8. THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY: summer love songs are one of the special talents of this amazingly popular singer. This song was very catchy and had a unique melody and also strong lyrics that made the song to become no. 1 song of 2012.

9. DON’T THINK I CAN’T LOVE YOU: this song was Jake Owens 1st music that ended up reaching the hit list of top 5. Therefore it was a massive blockbuster and very much appreciated.

10. SOMETHING ABOUT A WOMAN: this song was Jake Owens’s 3rd single. It was one of the best love songs of the singer. It also laid a framework for better efforts in the near future from this singer. It was this song that showed the true potential of Jake Owen for his future works. This is one of the best songs of Jake Owen.

When you listen to the above listed songs of this star, we can assure you that you will become a true fan of this amazing musical star.

Upcoming songs in 2016 of Jake Owen

Jake Owen latest songs are always the most favorite and breathtaking for all. The audience will give a good quantity of Jake Owen new songs which completely soothe and give pleasure to the listeners.

Jake Owen upcoming albums are anticipated to bang the audience with the same vive he did before with his former albums. People are expecting more amazing songs from Jake Owen. None of them have been revealed to create more excitement in the audience. Keep visiting this section on regular basis so that we can update you about the latest news of Jake Owen.