Top 10 new Songs of Jason Derulo which is creating sensation in the world of music

This name that the entire music industry falls for is Jason Derulo. This eminent lyricist holds the capacity to dance and sing. He started his career in 2006, although the first song he recorded was in the year 2009. Today he is a famous name in America and is followed by huge fan club. The great album, named Whatcha Say has been a famous album at the start of his career and that had given him great fame and fan as well. He climbed the steps of stardom and is presently ranking among the top paid singers in New Zealand and US, as the album has made a record for 5 million copy sale in the two nations.

Top ten songs 2016 of Jason Derulo which no one can miss

The superstar of America has won the great Music Awards for Pop genre, namely the award for BMI music and has also won the prestigious Teen Choice nomination and award early in this year. He has been nominated numerous times for many awards apart from these two, and thus is a great name in the industry, not only for the popularity but also for the quality of the songs, he had sung. Among the many songs, he has sung, choosing the Jason Derulo top 10 songs is a real challenge.

Jason Derulo top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming songs and events

The most popular songs of Jason Derulo are as follows, make sure to listen:

1. In My Head: The song has been a great hit in the entire US and in the Western Europe also. The song has a great and a deep meaning and that attracted the young generation very much.

2. Whatcha Say: The song is one of the best songs of Jason Derulo and has marketed the most among all the songs of his. The song album has been sold 5 million times and that made it ranked as number one in the box office for a long time.

3. The Other Side: This has been a great album of Derulo and has been nominated for many awards too. The song has been a great art of Jason and also has been a popular song among the teens.

4. Don’t Wanna Go Home: This is always referred as the best club song. The voice of Jason has seemed to be the most perfect one in the song and his fans really loved the song and Jason’s participation in the score.

5. It Girl: The song has been a very much rhythmic one and is also very much cute. One of the most popular songs of Jason Derulo is having a great story also, where it is narrated how a girl is perfectly fit for a boy. The lyric of the song have been a great one and is very popular one among the fans.

6. Ridin’ Solo: The song is having a fantastic lyric and is having a great video shoot also. The song is having a great work of music and the entire composition is having a fantastic structure to be nominated for many awards.

7. Talk Dirty: One of the best songs of Jason Derulo is having fantastic lyrics. The great song is also having a good story line at the background. The unique song is having multiple features that have made it an award winning song of recent times.

8. What If: The song is having the combination of lovely beats, rhythm and lyrics and that is a major reason, why this song is in the list of the Jason Derulo top 10 songs.

9. The Sky’s the Limit: The lyric of the song is not only good and soothing, but it is also having a deep meaning in it. The great song has also been nominated in numerous awards.

10. Fight for You: The song is having a great feat and the story line has been a really powerful one. The great emotional sequence in the score is powered by the video clips and that has made it the most unique one among all.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of Jason Derulo which will hit the stage in short span of time

The Jason Derulo latest songs 2016 are yet to be heard or serened from any sources, as he holds a shelled nature in declaring the name of the next album. However there has been a rumor that the name of the new album is supposed to be:

• Coming soon…..

But this is just a declaration secretly achieved from the fan club and there is no specific news or declarations about it. Keep visiting this section on regular basis to know more about this star and all his other projects, concerts and upcoming ventures. We will keep you updated about Jason Derulo.