Joe Nichols top 10 songs 2016 : The Superstar with super creations

Joe Nichols, the 38 years American singer cum musician, has been a superstar of 2016 in the music world. He has got a great fan base and the fan base is so much crazy about him, that they make him busy every time. He is basically a country music singer and is a favorite musician among the fans. The fan base is such strong that helped him to come back from the rehabilitation after 2007. The super hit singles from him. The broken hearts ville, has been one of the most popular songs of Joe Nichols, rather it is one of the most popular country song for ever.

Among the eight studio albums, Nichols released, five has been very much popular. The five albums that gained most popularity for him made a great fan base for him. After his debut in the year 1996, he had been a common name among the music stars and the music lovers found him quite often in the top 40 list very often. After he returned from the rehabilitation, his popularity even increased and his fans started a rumor that happy family makes a happy singer.

Joe Nichols top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming shows and songs

The best top 10 songs of Joe Nichols 2016:

Our special team of experts prepared this list of songs by Joe Nichols. We are sure you will love to rock with these songs.

1. She only smokes when she drinks- The song has been a great hit among the fans and has got immense appreciation from the music world too. The song has been a great hit in the box office and is often regarded as one of the best songs of Joe Nichols.

2. Gimmie that girl- The song is a perfect country song and is having great and funny lyrics too. Fans did love it and so were the music lovers. The easy going nature of the song was loved and appreciated a lot.