Justin Timberlake top 10 new songs : the best collection to cherish lonely time

Justin Timberlake has created a history in the music industry and proved a lot to his audiences and the music directors. He is known even now due to the flexible schedule and the magnificent abilities. The style of Timberlake rekindles the hearts of millions of his fans and even those who craves for soothing music. Not only did he focus seriously on his singing career but also projected his views into his acting career too. The praise and the accolades that he received from his fan following always poked his enthusiasm to give out the best.

The excellent top 10 songs 2016 of Justin Timberlake

This awesome singer Justin Timberlake has bestowed on his audience loads of wonderful songs, which has always helped him to maintain the place in the list of top 10 songs of a music lover. The albums that were being published made wonderful sale of around seven million copies worldwide. Justin Timberlake latest news is that the lists of great songs one by one managed to rightly place his music career along with his acting skill. For a long span of around decades he has remained the most commercially successful and sound singer. She is one of the amazing star of the musical world who knows the art of impressing audience in an amazing way.

Justin Timberlake top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming events

His top most 10 songs are as follows:

1. Mirrors – Justin Timberlake has sung the song. It is being introduced from the album 20/20 Experience. It is being released in the year 2013. He is also the lyrist of this song. This is one of the most popular songs of Justin Timberlake.

2. What goes around and comes around – This song was sung by Justin Timberlake. He is also the writer of this song. It was launched around 2006.

3. Cry me a river – Justin Timberlake has sung this song for his album-Justified which came out on 2002. This is one of the best songs of Justin Timberlake.

4. Sexy Back – Future Love sounds is the mother album of this song. This song was released on 2006. He has won the Grammy award for this song.

5. Suit & Tie – This song was sung by him and featured by Jay Z, banged on 2013 and it is from 20/20 Experience. This is one of the Justin Timberlake’s new singles

6. My Love – This song was introduced for love sounds/ Future sex. It was released on 2002. He won the MTV award for this song.

7. Rock your body – This song was made for the album- Justified, released on 2002. Singer is Justin Timberlake. This is one of the best songs of Justin Timberlake’s songs list

8. Like I Love You – This song was prepared for the album Justified, released on 2002. Singer is Justin Timberlake. He won the Teen right choice black award for this song.

9. Summer Love – This song was made for love sounds/ Future sex. It banged a release in the year 2002. He won the MTV award for this song and this is one of Justin Timberlake’s top 10 songs.

10. Dead & Gone – Justin Timberlake and T.I are the gospel choir of this song. This song was made for Paper Trail album, which releases on 2008. He won the Grammy and the best rap award.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of Justin Timberlake

As a thoughtful consequence, the foremost actors as well as the amazing singer of outstanding standard is always ready to give her best for her fan following. The vocalist decided to take his career to a different path to reach the peak of success. Thus this was possible only with the immense love and praises he achieved from his lovers and the die heart fans. The singer has a striking feature to attract his audience towards himself with the charm of his voice so that they can enjoy in his presence.

Justin Timberlake’s upcoming albums 2016 will be appreciated by his audience.

The fan followings and the music lovers are waiting eagerly to listen to their mesmerizing singer. Justin Timberlake new songs will soothe and spread pleasure in the ambience around. Justin Timberlake’s latest songs 2016 are anticipated make a secret entry into the Hollywood Music world. Separately from the list of his new songs of 2016, most of it is on process to be recorded.

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