Top 10 new Songs of Katy Perry till 2016: The great singer of America

Katy Perry The great singer of America has been a singer, actor as well as song writer since her childhood. The Singer was initially a gospel music singer of America when she started her career in 2001. Later she moved to Los Angels and sung a variety of songs in various genres and became a renowned lead singer of US. The Great singer had been a guest mentor at the American Idol and later married to Russell Brand and later to John Mayer and the second marriage really charged her up in her new career as a great singer. There are many great songs of Perry, but the top among the Katy Perry song list really needs a highlight.

The best songs of Katy Perry till 2016 which we are sure you will just love to hear

Katy Perry has been a great singer of US base and her vocal magic and the super-soft vocal tone has turned many of the music lovers in the western part of the globe to her fan. The Katy Perry top 10 songs 2016 can be shortlisted as below. All the songs mentioned below gave her great fame and made her a popular character in the industry of music. The below songs are selected by our expert team keeping the demands and expectations of all fans of this star in mind.

Katy Perry top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming songs and events
Just take a look at the below list of top songs 2016 of Katy Perry.

1. E.T.: This has been an awesome song from Katy Perry and it has proved the industry, the great singing ability of her. The great Pop star has made her appearance in the song so unique that it had made her a bright name in the industry and some places her just below Michael Jackson in this aspect.

2. Firework: The song is renowned in the industry for its enthusiastic nature and for its rhythm. The song has been always referred as one of the best songs of Katy Perry. The energetic video of the song also has been a popular video score in the entire US at that time and in the year of release.

3. Teenage Dream: The great song is super melodious and that has been the main strength of this song. Most of the fans of Katy have loved this song and the appearance of her in the video as well. The song perfectly tells the story of the teenage dream and its concern.

4. Roar: The song is having a pretty comedy base and that is a completely a different kind of work from Katy Perry. The great work of Katy has been admired a lot and has been a box office star at some time, but is surely one of the most popular songs of Katy Perry.

5. Wide Awake: The great song is having an awesome video too which have got a real appreciation on this regard. Fans have given the review saying that Katy has reminded them the story of Alice.

6. Last Friday Night: The song is having a great video, where the fans have gone mad by seeing Katy on screen. The great video and the songs with good rhythm has been a famous song and is one of the most popular songs of Katy Perry in 2016.

7. California Gurls: This song is very much creative and is a great creation of Katy. The song is having a great video too and Perry has been a great creation of Katy. The song is having a great video too and Perry has been a super performer in the album.

8. The One That Got Away: The great album is having the master idea and is having a great concept also. The song is an absolute hit that really touches the heart. It is like a mini movie and that is also a great name in her list.

9. Hot ‘n’ Cold: This has been the most creative song of Katy and has been the great work in her career. The song is having a marvelous video and that is very much enthusiastic also.

10. I Kissed a Girl: This has been a song which received criticism among the best songs of Katy Perry. The son is having beautiful lyrics too.

Top Upcoming Songs and Albums 2016 of Katy Perry

It is said that Katy Perry puts security at the doors, so that no one is able to hear the discussion of the songs that are coming up in the early 2016. There are resource boxes that say there are collections of some amazing songs in the Katy Perry latest Songs 2016 that are getting prepared for release, but are just at the initial stage only. However, the name of the album has not been declared still now. We need to wait for some time for Katy Perry upcoming albums 2016.