KONGOS is an American hip hop band. These multi talented groups of singers are not only rappers but also a song writer. They have always been praised for his talented upbeat songs. The group definitely knows how to make the audience dance to his beats. They rose to status through his debut in 2008 and since then he has been entertaining his fans amazingly and is giving them a reason to cherish his work successfully. They have also garnered enormous acknowledgment for the reason that of their highly amazing pieces of art that. Their songs have been ruling the chartbusters and have wonderfully grabbed the attention of the music lovers who are sitting in different parts of the world. This group has always made it a point to never disappoint his audience and always entertain them. The members of this band includes Johnny Kongos, Dylan Kongos, Daniel Kongos and Jesse Kongos.

AMAZING SONGS OF KONGOS- The Top 10 list 2016

The songs of Kongos have been able to woo his fans and grab their attention significantly. The new songs have proved the caliber and the ability of these artists of this band. Kongos are loved by their fans and always awaited for. This hip hop band has also won many awards and has even managed to top the Billboard list. If you are the one who still not aware about the melody and rhythm of the songs of this band, for you we specially selected these top 10 songs 2016. Listen to them and we are sure you will love it beyond any doubt.

Kongos top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming shows
Here is a list of the band’s top 10 songs 2016.

1. I M ONLY JOKING: this song became a big hit and was very famous in clubs and discos for its unique and trance beats. This song also appears Key Wayne. This song can also be called one of the best songs of Kongos song 2016 list.

2. Hey I don’t know: this group is well known for writing songs about various female attributes. This song resembles one of his unique focuses. The song was in use very well by the audience and music lovers couldn’t stop themselves to listening to this song all day.

3. Escape: The song was a massive hit and once you hear the song, you cannot stop yourself from dancing to the crazy trance and beats. This is one of Kongos new singles.

4. TAKE ME BACK: this song won many awards due to its catchy beats and touching lyrics. It was take in very well and also turned out to be a massive blockbuster. This peppy number makes people fall in love with it whenever they pay attention to it. This is one of the best songs of Kongos till 2016.

5. COME WITH ME NOW: this song was the soundtrack of the famous movie expendables 3. This song was as it is very hit in the movie later a different video was released of the song, that ft the band.

6. TAKE IT FROM ME: this song is very popular among street dancers and b boyars due to its crazy beat. People who love to dance must hear this song as it’s has some sick trance and music which you cannot ignore.

7. IT’S A GOOD LIFE: this song had people fall in their knees craving for more. This song was one of a kind and a massive blockbuster hit. It ended up selling extra than 10,000 records. This is one of Kongos top 10 songs 2016.

8. KIDS THESE DAYS: Kongos in this song wrote about the various hobbits of kids. They tried to explain the generation gap with the help of this song. This is one of the best songs of Kongos.

9. TRAVELLING ON: this is a peppy no. where you cannot resist yourself from dancing. The song is one of a kind and the bouncy beats are amazing.

10. AS WE ARE: this song portrays free spirit and love for you. Its touching lyric and catchy melody makes this song one of a kind.

Upcoming songs and concerts in 2016 of Kongos

Kongos latest songs are always the most favorite and breathtaking for all. The audience will give a good quantity of Kongos new songs which completely soothe and give pleasure to the viewers. The fans are tremendously scheduled for the most modern release of this band. We are quite sure about the fact that in coming time this band will come up with some exclusive singles and albums for their fan.

Kongos upcoming albums are anticipated to bang the audience with the same vive they did before with their former albums. People are expecting more amazing songs as of Kongos. Their overwhelming efforts have been everlastingly valued by his spectators. The Kongos band is currently busy composing songs for famous TV soaps like Originals and many other movies so Stay tuned with us.