Lady Gaga top 10 new songs: that helps her to rule several hearts

Lady Gaga is a very popular American singer and song writer. Her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta but she is popular and widely known through the world through her stage name Lady Gaga. She started her musical career in 2008 with her album The Fame for which she got great critical appreciation and commercial success. It was for her wonderful songs that she has been able to be the queen of millions of hearts. Her style statement, performance and amazing quality of vocal is something that always brings great attention to her. She has received great acclaim and several rewards from different corners of the world for her exclusive performance and songs.

Great songs of Lady Gaga- The top 10 2016 collection just for you

Lady Gaga new songs have always entertained her fans and it has brought to her the necessary attention that she required for her success. She has been ruling the chartbusters with her great songs and has also earned exclusive rankings in notable lists of artists. She has also been regarded as one of the most influential people of the world. Lady Gaga new singles are highly awaited by her fans.

Lady Gaga top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming tours and shows

Here is the list of top 10 songs of this beautiful singer:

1. Bad Romance- This is a pretty song with great concept and wonderful tunes. Through this song you will love to get familiar with the talent of the singer. You will not be able to control yourself from humming this song once you listen to it.

2. Poker Face- nothing can be compared with this wonderful song of Lady Gaga. She caught the attention of the music lovers of the world through this highly efficient and great piece of music and also rose to fame through its help. This is one of the best songs of Lady Gaga.

3. Paparazzi- you will never forget the way the singer performed in this song. It’s amazing feel and wonderful melody will also woo you and will prove to you that this singer is extremely talented and is a gifted person who knows what she is doing and what she needs to do garner your attention.

4. Born This Way- it was through this song that Lady Gaga got the respect, fame and great popularity that she deserved. This is a song that reflects her personality and had also highly encouraged her to be awesome and to inform everyone about her talent and skills. This song has also helped her to impress the musical critics. It is one of the most popular songs of Lady Gaga in 2016.

5. The Edge of Glory- it was through this perfect and wonderful song that you will gain the perfect ideas and amazing kind of experience that will help you to learn about the best and unique skills that she is equipped with. While enjoying her performance you will also find yourself captivated through this wonderful piece of music that she had developed. It is a wonderful song with great expression and amazing kind of melody.

6. Telephone- everybody loved this song of Lady Gaga as it had everything that she needed for becoming famous and for touching the hearts of millions of her fans. This is a wonderful composition that is beyond any comparison. You will never get to experience the quality and the type of beats and rhythms that you can find in this song. It is one of Lady Gaga top 10 songs 2016.

7. Just Dance- yes as the name of the song suggests all you will want to do after listening to this song is to just dance. This is a cool song that is a perfect companion for you to be on the dance floor and to showcase some of your best steps and unique skills there.

8. Alejandro- through this song Lady Gaga has received great accolades and several acclaim from different parts of the world. She had managed to brilliantly catch the attention of her fans and the listeners and gave them a unique and excellent reason to lover her presence on the chartbusters.

9. Judas- this amazing song has wonderfully made its position to your playlist as it is equipped with emotions and great music. You will definitely love to listen to this piece of music and will also get attracted towards her vocal. It deserves to be among Lady Gaga songs list.

10. Love Game-After listening to this song of Lady Gaga you will definitely become a fan of this young and talented singer. Nothing can grab your attention as much as is done by this song.

Upcoming songs and events in 2016 of Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga upcoming albums is all set to entertain her fans and will also bring great faith and attention towards her employment. Lady Gaga latest songs 2016 will help you to get acquainted to the wonderful ability of Lady Gaga and will also get acquainted to her high quality skills.