Macklemore and Ryan Lewis top 10 new songs: the best amalgamation of music rap industry

The wonderful duo of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is an American band with the hip hop genre. The band was formed in the year 2009 in Washington, Seattle. The dashing duo is composed of Ben Haggerty who’s stage name is Macklemore and the eminent record producer named Ryan Lewis. Macklemore is a rapper known for the stunning raps he presents to his audience. The record producer Ryan Lewis is a versatile artist and a good friend to this rapper. Ryan is not only an able DJ but also a professional photographer. The meeting of both of them on the very first day was held on a photo shoot. The Macklemore and Ryan Lewis latest news is that they first presented their collaborative effort through the EP titled VS. EP.

The style that is followed by the duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Feel it in the Top 10 songs 2016

The audience and especially the music lovers responded a lot at the release of the music album. The music selection board as well as the music lovers jointly regarded the amalgamation as the best in terms of lyrics, innovation, reliance of ideas, and the most catchy aspect was the formation of lyrics that was beyond the traditional style of hip hop. Both of them followed the style till they won the Grammy award for the album- The Heist. Another striking album that gathered many accolades were the record of VS Redux. Our experts invest lot of time to make selection of the top 10 songs 2016 by this duo. We are confident that you will love it for sure.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis top 10 songs list 2016 and upcoming events 2016

The top 10 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis best songs 2016 are as follows:

1. Life is Cinema: The song is regarded as the mish-mosh of the songs that are cohesive and thematic too. It is the pounding beat that is infective and is among the Mackalemore’s music.

2. Ten Thousand hours: This song is among the best songs that are enlisted in the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis popular songs.

3. Jimmy Lovaine: this track is a contemporary in the music industry. This was credited with the discovery of Eminem. Thus it is regarded as the hard core truth which states the reality in the life of every one that struggles.

4. White walls: The song is splendidly sung by the duo. The hook is the beautiful song of its genre. The basic climax of the song is based on the 2 AM reckless driving of the two buddies.

5. Can’t hold us: The development of the song gradually increases the interest of the listeners. The beats of the songs are amazingly complimentary to the rapping in the song. The song stands among the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis best songs ever. It gives the best vive to the listeners noting the gradual development of the beats.

6. Otherside: This is the personal song of the duo. The song depicts concern towards humanity and reality of the society. The lyric of the song is a refreshing insight from that of the hip hop as well as the rap community.

7. Irish celebration: The celebrating number has rocked the audience through the rhythm and the moves. Listening to the song will make anyone tap their feet to the music.

8. And we danced: This song is among the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis top 10 songs. The dancing song relates the best lyrics ever written. This is just the break into a spontaneous party.

9. Same Love: This song is based on the equality of the LGBT society. The song depicts that same s$x love is not a crime but everyone should have the freedom to express and accept their love.

10. Thrift Shop: The song is among the best collection of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis popular songs. The song is a commentary on the activities of the wasteful society. The song holds a deeper meaning owing to the lyrics on the whole.

Upcoming songs and events of the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis duo in 2016

The upcoming songs of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are anticipated to be the best as well as most relishing for the audience. The music lovers are waiting to receive the best collection of fresh new hits from the duo.

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The Macklemore and Ryan Lewis latest news is that they are about to bring another revolution in the music industry. If you are a true fan of this amazing duo team then make sure to listen every song enlisted above. We are sure you will love to know about the latest news of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and to help you stay updated we will offer the same here in this space so Stay tuned.