Martin Garrix is a talented man who has not only stunned the audience with his music but also with his extra ordinary good looks. This multi talented singer is also a Dutch dj. This singer is most popular due to his song Animal that topped in the hit list of 10 countries. This pop star had started to learn playing guitar when he was only 4 years old. After a few years this guy started composing his own songs. The pop star has always made it a point to entertain his audience and never disappoint them. The singer attended the Brood Academy during his childhood days.

Top songs of Martin Garrix for 2016 that will make you fall in love

Martin Garrix new songs have always been able to woo his fans and grab their attention significantly. The new songs have proved them the caliber and the ability of this artist. Martin Garrix singles are loved by his fans as it provides them a reason to enjoy and a track to dance on. He is amazingly talented and knows well how to entertain his fans. If you still not the one who listened to any of the numbers of this star, then take some time out to listen to it. We can bet on the fact once you listen to any of the numbers of this star, immediately you will become his fan for sure.

Martin Garrix top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming shows and events

Below is the list of top 10 songs 2016 of this singer.

1. ANIMALS: The song animal is the biggest hit in martin garrix’s career. This song topped the hit list of 10 countries. The song was a blockbuster. It not only won the hearts of millions of people but also ended up winning many prestigious awards.

2. TURN UP THE SPEAKERS: this song became a massive hit in clubs and discos due to its perky and bouncy beats. The song was hugely demanded in the radio stations. This is definitely one of the best songs of Martin Garrix.

3. GOLD SKIES: this beautiful song featured the popular singer Alysiea. This melodious song touched the heart of millions with its meaningful lyrics. It ended up being one of the most popular songs of Martin Garrix.

4. HELICOPTER: the song helicopter was collaboration between Martin Garrix and Firebeatz. The song was very well taken by the spectators. The amazing tune and lyrics of the song is just an ideal choice for you when you want to elevate your mood.

5. CRACKIN: this fun filled song is loved by everyone due to its bouncy beats and quirky lyrics. The song ended up winning many awards due to its originality. It is one of Martin Garrix top 10 songs 2016.

6. VIRUS: the song virus is very unique and one of a kind. The song had managed to reach the billboard charts and also won the hearts of the audience with its quirky attitude. Once you hear this song you can’t stop humming it. This is one of the best songs that you will ever get to hear. It wonderfully grabs the attention of the people.

7. PROJECT T: this song features the very popular Dmitri Vegas. With such a power pact collaboration the song is bound to be a massive hit. – For many fans this is a great song that you will always love to experience and hear. This is a great song that deserves to be among Martin Garrix songs list.

8. WIZARD: This is a highly entertaining song that deserves to be among your playlist because of its groovy music and great entertainment that it provides to you. The song is very fictitious and one of a kind.

9. JUST SOME NOISE: this song has been produced after collaboration between Martin Garrix and TV noise. This is a perfect song for every party. It deserves your attention and is also perfect for you to hit the dance floor and experience something distinctive.

10. ERROR 404: This popular song is collaboration between Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway. This song has made the singer amazingly popular among his fans. His wonderful ability also came to the limelight through it and he delivered a great reason to the people to enjoy them and groove on his tunes.

UPCOMING SONGS and albums 2016 OF MARTIN Garrix

MARTIN Garrix upcoming albums that is all set to be released soon for introducing with the new compositions of the artist. You will love each and every piece that is a part of this album because of its amazing melody and great lyrics. Very soon we will offer you more information about this star which you will love to know for sure.

Martin Garrix latest songs 2016 are anticipated by the viewers as they are ready to listen to something amazing and different so Stay tuned with us to stay updated.