Michael Jackson top 10 songs for your entertainment

Michael Jackson was an American singer and songwriter. He was called King of Pop for his contribution in the music and dance industry and he was a well known figure. He died in 2009 but his presence is still felt and appreciated by the music industry that has made him a global figure in the sector. This wonderful singer was and still is very popular among his fans and listeners and he have been able to establish a long lasting impact on their mind carving a special position for him in their heart. He began his solo career in 1971 and since then he has continuously provided his fans a reason to enjoy his presence and love his voice. His distinctive style and wonderful voice and great performance had made him an Icon for the youths and they looked up to him as their ideal inspiration.

Michael Jackson wonderful songs to woo you

Michael Jackson new songs have always entertained his fans and it had created the necessary vibes that had helped him to grow ahead in his career. It was through the help of Michael Jackson new singles that he has wonderfully achieved great recognition and amazing accolades from the musical critics who are sitting in different parts of the world. He had also won several numbers of awards and great fame for his wonderful songs and explicit compositions.

Michael Jackson top 10 songs list

Here is the list of top 10 songs of this singer:

1. Billie Jean- This is one of the greatest songs of Michael Jackson. He has always entertained his fans through his wonderful compositions but this song deserves a special mention as it is through this piece of music that he has been able to make a place in their heart. It can be considered as one of the best songs of Michael Jackson.

2. Beat It- this is an excellent song with great feeling and marvelous beat. You will love to pay attention to this song again and again. This is probably one of the most amazing tracks developed by this artist. He has given his heart and soul to this song.

3. Smooth Criminal- this song always deserves to be mentioned among Michael Jackson songs list. He has wonderfully wooed his audience through this amazing song that has played a very significant role in establishing his position in the market. It is through this song that he proved his excellence in the industry.

4. Thriller- this amazing song grabbed great attention and wonderful acclaim for the singer from different corners of the world. Even today his fans love to listen to this number and get highly entertained.

5. Man in the Mirror- This is a great song with a wonderful meaning. Its beat, tune and melody everything will impress you and it is also capable of providing you with a great and strong message that is rare to be found. Through this song you will get an introduction to the wonderful ability of the singer.

6. Earth Song- This is among the most popular songs of Michael Jackson. He has developed it with great passion and emotion that can be experienced by the listeners. It is very dramatic and is highly expressive piece of music.

7. They Don’t care About Us- the voice of Jackson will mesmerize you in this song. You will definitely feel the magic that he had in his vocal.

8. Black or White- this song proved that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest performers of the globe. He didn’t only help his fans to learn about his talent but also helped them to cherish his songs and enjoy it wonderfully.

9. Dirty Diana-This is just a perfect example of the quality of songs that were produced by this singer. It brilliantly entertained the fans.

10. Heal the World- this song deserves to be among Michael Jackson top 10 songs and had the perfect voice and great meaning through which he had wonderfully amused his fans.

Michael Jackson is No more with us and so no more upcoming songs

Michael Jackson albums had always been great news for his fans as they all had been waiting to listen to it eagerly. This multi- talented singer had also brought a fresh air to the musical industry that was beyond any comparison. After his sudden demise fans of Michel Jackson are truly disappointed. It is true that it will be hard for the singing industry to get a replacement for such an amazing singer.

Michael Jackson had also triggered and brought great respect for the singer. He made his own position in the industry that has not been achieved by any other artist till date. We all remember this amazing singing sensation for Michael Jackson huge contribution to the industry.