Nandini Srikar Top 10 Songs to make you experience her versatility

Nandini Srikar is an amazing Indian female singer of 2016 who is known for her wonderful talent and excellent singing ability. She has been amazingly popular throughout the country for her wonderful performance. She has the thrust for experimenting with something unique and excellent through which she can perform wonderfully in the industry. This excellent singer is also known for making her fans floored with her vocal and excellent singing ability through which she performs wonderfully and perfectly. She is a singer, composer and guitarist as well.

Nandini Srikar best songs till 2016 that will definitely make you fall in love with her voice

She studied classical music as a child and learnt how to play veena at the small age of three this proved her love and dedication for music and when she entered this profession she was highly appreciated for her passion. This singer has been wonderfully accepted at the Bollywood film industry and she has given excellent music through which she ruled the heart of several people. With each of her songs she has been able to garner huge accolades from people and to make efficient base of fans that are loyal to her in year 2016. This singer has given some of the best hits in the industry and has been highly adored by her fans because of her excellent singing abilities.

Nandini Srikar top 10 songs 2016 and all time best

Below is the list of Top 10 songs 2016 that will amazingly make you realize Nandini Srikar potential

1. Hanuman Chalisa from Hanuman – This song was highly appreciated not only as a devotional song but because of the wonderful voice of the singer through which she managed to garner great accolades from people.

2. For Your Eyes Only from Humko Deewana Kar gaye – This song makes you fall in love with the voice of the singer. She has been able to garner great accolades from her fans as well as from the industry critics. This song proved her one of the best talents in the industry. She has been known for delivering the best of the songs with great and entertaining capacity. It is also one of Nandini Srikar best songs 2016.