Passenger top 10 new songs : the versatile tone reviving the soul

Passenger – The versatile English Lyricist well known for his superb genre- the folk rock has successfully made his place in the world of Hollywood music industry. Formerly the band he was associated with was named after Passenger. Thus Michael David Rosenberg decided to continue his solo works under the same name after the band dissolved in the year 2009. The successful singer has endowed his listeners with the best collection of rhythmic songs. Michael started his music career after he dropped school at the age of 16. The majority of the musical album that was released created strong influence and connections with the musical scenes.

Amazing 10 songs 2016 of Passenger : that created musical revolution

It was an amazing taste when the little teenager boy of 16 started his musical strive and spread his dazzling charm on the listeners of the world. (Passenger)Michael David’s Father was a film production worker who had just managed to establish the contacts vividly owing to form strong contacts that can be used later on. Passenger Latest news is that the awesome band that was formed together in Brighton and Hove dissolved after 2009. We can assure you about the fact that once you listen to these songs you will become an absolute fan of this star. Don’t miss the chance to listen any of these songs.

Passenger top 10 new songs 2016 list and upcoming songs and events

The top 10 songs of this superb singer

1. Let her go – Passenger is the writer and the singer of this track. Let her go released on 2012. This is one of the best songs of Passenger. This music is the second single from his third album.

2. Holes – Passenger had sung this song in the year 2013. He is the lyricist of the song and the Holes. This song has made for a music album.

3. The wrong direction – The singer of this song is Passenger. This song has also ended for the same music album. The wrong direction is one of the most popular songs of Passenger.

4. Things that stop you dreaming – This song releases on 2012. This song has also been made from the same music album. This is a brilliant pitch and folk master piece.

5. Staring at the stars – Staring at the stars has also taken from the similar named album-all the little Lights which banged out on 2012. He is the music director and the main soloist of this song.

6. Life for the living – This song has also been made from the same music album- All the little lights – was released on the verge of 2012. He is the singer of the song and the central lead too of this song.

7. Shape of love – Passenger sung this song- Shape of love. It was launched in the year 2014. This song was created for the album -Flight for the crow. It is an Indie folk song. This is one of the best songs from Passenger’s songs list.

8. What you’re thinking – This song was released around 2010. It has been included in the album- Flight for the crow. Passenger is the singer and the lyrics of this song.

9. Circles – This song wonderfully banged on 2013. This song is basically on the chords. This is one of the Passenger’s new singles

10. All the little lights – This is the lead song of the music album entitled with the same name. It is released in the year 2012. This is one of the Passenger’s top 10 songs 2016.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of Passenger

Passenger’s upcoming albums will be cherished by his audience. People are expecting more fantastic folk and rock from Michael D Rosenberg aka Passenger. His work has been always respected by his listeners. His songs are shaped with such unique lyrics that will remain down your memory lane making you whisper from time to time. The fans are anticipating that the hits from him will serve as an example to the newbie as well as upcoming musicians. Passenger new songs will positively sooth and please your ears.

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Apart from these new projects of 2016 are now under production. Passenger latest songs 2016 are definitely able to spellbound his fans and to gather accolades from more addressees who need a grand music for relaxing and heal their mind. Stay tuned with us as we will offer you more news about Passenger.