Sam Smith top 10 new songs that touches your heart

Sam Smith is a great name in the music industry. The great star is a splendid person of the entire industry. He is a versatile artist, who can sing and write lyrics. The outstanding music albums, he has released, made a huge fan base. Fans really love his every song and every lyric. Latch has been his best song among the big list. This has been an outstanding music and has been a great present for his fans. The album with which Sam became famous, Disclosure, has been a great hit to his fans. La la la from Naughty boys has been another great composition from Sam and has given his fans again something to cheer them up at fullest. The song of 2013 was also his debut in the solo songs. Many awards came to him flowing, like the bill-board pop-choice, adult pop-choice award and many more.

Top 10 amazing new songs 2016 of Sam Smith

Sam Smith has been celebrated for his limberness and remarkable singing abilities. He is an out of this globe singer who has been able to wisp the hearts of millions of inhabitants from first to last, by his repellent tone of voice. The forte who esteems tinkle has at the close by analyzed this lead singer is gratifying him for his gargantuan job. He has tapped the supplement of invasion very rapidly in his livelihood and so far is very downhill to people and shy person who respect expending famous time in the harmony of music.

Sam Smith top 10 new songs 2016 list and upcoming shows and albums

Sam Smith top 10 songs- Make sure to hear them

1. Safe with me – Sam Smith is the lyrist and the singer of this song. This song has taken from the album Nirvana. This song gives the 86th rank in the British song’s chart.

2. Latch – It is a duo song by Disclosure album artist and Sam Smith. It released on 2013 and has made for the album Settle. This is one of Sam Smith‘s top 10 songs 2016.

3. Together – This song has made for the album named, Settle which released in the year 2014. Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers and Disclosure are the singers of this song.

4. Berlin (Live Lounge) – Sam Smith’s Berlin (Live Lounge) is one of the very popular songs among Smith’s lover which released in year 2014. This is one of the most popular songs of Sam Smith.

5. Money on my mind – This song was prepared for the album, In the lonely hour, which released on 2014. Sam Smith is the song critic and the vocalist of this song.

6. La La La – This is the first solo song of Sam Smith’s career. This song has taken from the album naughty boys, which released way back in 2012. This is one of the best songs of Sam Smith. If you are missing this song then you are missing the real melody of Sam’s song.

7. I’ve told you now – It is a wonderful creation by Sam Smith. He is the writer and singer of this song. This song the number of his fan followers’ number.

8. Lay me down – Lay me down was the debut solo of Sam Smith. He is also the writer of this song. This is one of the Sam Smith‘s new singles 2016.

9. The lonely hour – This song was released on 2014. It is a deluxe version of Nirvana. This is one of the favorite songs of Sam Smith’s listeners.

10. Nirvana – Sam Smith’s debut EP is Nirvana, released on 2013. This is the acoustic version of Latch. This is one of the best songs of Sam Smith’s songs list.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of Sam Smith

Sam Smith latest songs 2016 are the songs that the music lovers are looking for. He had been the heartthrob of his audience for the last few years. They wait eagerly for his new releases. Not only his fans, but all the music lovers are eagerly waiting for his new releases.

The industry is assured that Sam’s songs are surely to be appreciated as they will surely bring some new taste in them. Sam Smith’s upcoming albums will be appreciated by his audience.

Audiences are rather hopeful that Sam Smith new songs would be some outstanding mix and they will be able to hear some outstanding melodies in the New Year. Sam Smith also knows his fan’s wish and fan are sure that Sam can never dishearten them.