Listen to Shakira Top 10 new songs and become her fan

Shakira is a perfect Colombian singer and songwriter. Her fame is not limited to the musical industry but she is also popular for her dance, choreography and as a model. Her attractive and unique looks and wonderful singing talent has brought to her the kind of attention and accolades that she deserve. She has also received applauds from different corners of the world and has also been widely popular among her fans. She has been able to encourage a large number of people wonderfully. She came in the forefront in 1990 with her debut album Magia. It was through her albums and songs that she has managed to wonderfully gain critical appreciation from the music world. She has also won several awards and different nominations for her great and excellent piece of work.

Get familiar with wonderful work of Shakira – her songs will make you spellbound for sure

Shakira is a gorgeous girl that maintains a unique standard of singing through which she entertains her fans and gives them a wonderful reason to celebrate her presence on the music industry. Shakira new songs 2016 are highly appreciated by her fans and they get a great reason to wonderfully get entertained through her latest numbers. Her fans in the music industry have been highly appreciable and are also worth recognizing. It is also to be seen that her fans always wait to listen to Shakira new singles that enable them to get familiar with her wonderful talent.

Shakira top 10 new songs 2016 list and upcoming events

1. Hips Don’t Lie- Everybody will agree that this is one of the best songs of Shakira. Released in 2004 the popularity of this song is still unrivalled in the music industry. The world cherished this song and enjoyed it completely. It’s amazing and wonderful lyrics and music helped it to top the chartbusters for a long time.

2. Whenever, Wherever- This song is from the first language album, Laundry Service, and it was wonderfully able to woo the audience because of its great lyrics and music.

3. Dare (La La La)- This song was released in 2014. It wonderfully wooed the audience and also proved the talent of the singer through which she has entertained all. This song has topped the chart of dance club in the US because of its grooving music and excellent rhythm. It is one of Shakira top 10 songs 2016.

4. Underneath Your Clothes- The wonderful video, great lyrics and amazing vocal of the singer is what has entertained the audience and made this song a great popular in the reason. This is a great song that makes Shakira a wonderful rock star and has also helped her to rule millions of hearts.

5. La Tortura- It is a great song that helped the singer win several accolades and great acclaim and also developed wonderful ideas and understanding among the fans for the singer. She also won the Latin Grammy Awards for this song that made her amazingly popular in this musical industry.

6. Beautiful Liar- This is a great song that helped the singer to gain nomination for Grammy Award and it also helped her to win over the hearts of her fans. The amazing lyrics and wonderful composition of this song helped the singer to develop a special place in the mind and hearts of her fans.

7. Empire- This is a great song that helps you to feel amazing and to develop an interesting and unique kind of feeling which is rare to be found. This singer won several accolades and great acclaim from the critics of the industry and has also garnered huge and excellent response from the world of music.

8. Waka Waka- This is a great song that wooed the audience and also helped the people from all around the world and gave a great reason to the fans of Shakira to enjoy her performance. It is one of the most popular songs of Shakira.

9. She Wolf- Through this son Shakira managed to grab the attention of the world and also took a step ahead in her career.

10. Loca- It deserves a special mention when it comes to Shakira songs list. It was a great song that makes you love her vocals and performance as well.

Upcoming songs and albums 2016 of Shakira

Shakira upcoming albums are all set to mesmerize the fans because of its amazing rhythm, great melody and highly interesting composition. Through her upcoming albums she is all set to meet the expectations of her fans.

You will definitely enjoy and love to listen to Shakira latest songs 2016. It is through her wonderful sense of musical beats and melody that you will fall in love with her. Stay tuned with us as we are going to keep you updated about the latest news and information anout this amazing musical star Shakira.