Shweta Mohan Top 10 songs that will mesmerize you

Shweta Mohan Top 10 new songs 2016: Shweta Mohan is a very famous and new playback singer who has emerged on the Indian music industry. She has known for singing songs in Malyalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi languages. She is wonderfully known singer who has the ability to make her fans go crazy for her. She posses an excellent attitude through which she makes her fans feels good and amazing. She is one singer who has been known for her wonderful voice through which she mesmerizes her fans and listeners. This singer has also been very famous in the industry for her amazing looks and beauty. Though she has not done large work in the Hindi film industry yet she has been amazingly popular as the few songs that she has sung. Her fans are always looking forward towards her great and amazing songs.

Best songs of Shweta Mohan till 2016 that has helped her to make an impact on her fans’ hearts

This singer is also known for her capability and excellence through which she has managed to garner huge accolades and gain attention from the fans. This singer is wonderfully known for performing wide and excellent range of wonderful songs with which she has established herself. It is because of her wonderful dedication and excellent music sense through which she completes the job that she undertakes. She is the daughter of the famous and renowned singer Sujatha Mohan.

It has been amazingly known to all that this Shweta has been wonderfully known for her excellent and great sense of music through which she has garnered acclaim from the critics. Fans and listeners throughout the country also look forward to this singer to listen to her. She is excellently known for her amazing sense of music and melody. She is bit new to the industry, but still in short span of time she proved her excellence as a singer and won hearts of her fan. Music is there in her gene and she created the magic with her voice.

Shweta Mohan Top 10 Songs 2016 List

Here is the list of Top 10 songs of Shweta Mohan 2016 through which she amuses her fans.

1. Baazi laga – This song from the film Guru has been wonderfully loved by people throughout the country. The film was released in 2007 and this is the time when she emerged in the music industry of Bollywood as an amazing singer. This song has been known for its excellent music and great ability with the help of which it has entertaining its listeners and grabbing their attention successfully. This song definitely deserves to be among Shweta Mohan top 10 songs 2016.

2. Khilli Re – This is a song from the film Raavan which again helped this singer to establish herself in the music industry. She was seen as a great gem that did exceptionally great work in the industry. This singer has been known for amazing voice and wonderful music sense because of which she has been very popular. Her intense voice has helped this song to be one of the all time favorite of the listeners. It is definitely one of Shweta Mohan best songs 2016.

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