Sona Mahapatra top 10 songs 2016 that introduces her to the Bollywood industry

Sona Mahapatra top 10 new songs till 2016 : Sona Mahapatra is a well known Indian female singer who has earned great fame in the music industry of India lately. She is a singer on international caliber and it is because of this reason that her voice and wonderful songs are cherished throughout the world. She has performed in different concerts that have taken place all around the world and is also known for featuring in different albums and music videos. She has also given successfully hit remixes with David Bowie and INXS. This singer is also very popular in the television industry because she is a part of the famous show Satyamev Jayate whose host is Aamir Khan.

Wonderful songs of Sona Mahapatra till 2016 that has helped her earn great applaud from listeners

It was because of her wonderful performance in the show, Satyamev Jayate that she got a break in the Bollywood industry and needless to say she has earned great applaud. She is now a well established and very popular singer of the industry and promises to continue to be the same in the coming years. With her fan base expanding with very song she records it is worthy to say that she will definitely become the leading female singer of the country very soon.

Sona Mahapatra Top 10 Songs 2016 List

Here is the list of top 10 amazing songs of 2016 the singer Sona Mahapatra who is known for her efficiency and great voice.

1. Lori- This is one song of Sona Mahapatra that is very famous and highly engaging. One of the best parts about the singer is that she has the ability and the voice to touch the chords of millions of heart at one go and she uses this perfectly. The song from the film Family has been very popular. Although the movie was not received too well at the box office but this song did create its magic which was worth noticing. This is one of Sona Mahapatra best songs till 2016.

2. Daav Laga- This song belongs to the film Aagey Se Right. The song was highly appreciated and praised not only by the listeners and fans of the singer but also by the music critics who have acclaimed Sona for her wonderful work.