Sunidhi Chauhan top 10 songs 2016 promises to be best songs for your party

Sunidhi Chauhan top 10 new songs for 2016: Sunidhi Chauhan presently said to the icon of rockstar world and the thunder voice she has is just enough to set the stage on fire. She is very bold with her voice delivery owing to the usage of electronic beats in the songs, creating an amazing piece of art with the music within her. Almost no item song is successful without her wonderful master stroke of voice. She has won many awards and has been nominated for the same owing to her success in the Hindi music industry.

The best songs of Sunidhi Chauhan till 2016 that can drag anyone as her absolute fan

The singer has tried her hands in different genres also. She is a perfect singer in the Indi pop genre where she has earned a huge fame in the world music industry. According to the legend Lata Mangeskar, Sunidhi can sing any kind of song very smoothly owing to her dedication towards the art of music and entertainment. The singing superstar won recognition in the entire world through a television musical hunt show. Her voice is so competent to sing all genres of song that in present time she is one of the most demanded singers of Bollywood. Every live concert in which she performs goes houseful, which clearly proves her popularity in the industry.

Sunidhi Chauhan top songs 2016 list and new songs 2016

Here is a list of top 10 songs by Sunidhi Chauhan which sets perfect mood to party on the floor in 2016.

1. Ladki Deewani dekho: This song is from the movie Shastra has been popular among the public and specially the music lovers. Wonderful music and dancing effects of the song helped the young listeners a superb song to party.

2. Ruki Ruki Si Zindegi: The rhythmic beat of the song makes the listeners tap their feet. The young folk feel connected with the song due to the magical lyrics of the song. The song is the first rocking song of Sunidhi’s career.

3. Chaliya: Sunidhi Chauhan made her international debut with the item song Chaliya in the world music industry. The song is strong enough to get everyone on their feet and can make them dance. The singing performance in the song owed to opened reviews and critics as a whole.