Tinashe top 10 new songs : the youngest superstar of US

Tinashe JK is a star American singer, who is famous for her songs in the R&B genre. She is a young singer cum actress, but the activities don’t match with her age. The 21 years old lady has been in the television at the very age of 7. She recorded her debut song in 2010 with the famous song, dancing around the truth. The star from Zimbabwe, whose name has a divine sense, has been a great movie star also. The versatile singer is also having a great caliber to write songs. She has interest in dancing and acting too. The earlier super model is now showing more interest in singing on the R&B genre and has released many albums, with some best songs of Tinashe, in the past three-four years.

The super model has been a great star and from the very first album of her, she has generated a full supportive fan base. Her fans are dedicated to the rhythmic notes and they also got great appreciation in the Grammys. The great compositions from her often make the music lovers astonished. They find it hard to tally between the age of her and the inner meanings of the lyrics. Among the five albums released of her, choosing the top ten songs are really a challenging task.

Tinashe top 10 songs 2016 and upcoming albums and events

Tinashe top 10 best songs 2016 are:

1. A case of you- The great song of the R&B genre is having really touchy lyrics. The song has been a super hit among her fans and among the other music fans also. The song is very much popular among teens. They were found whining on it at the roadside. She is one of the talented singers of the industry who managed to create a niche position in the hearts of millions of music lovers across globe.

2. Killing me softly- The lovely romantic song has been one of the best songs of Tinashe. The song, like other songs of Tinashe, is having a great lyrics and an inner meaning as well. Fans loved it very much. The general music lovers and the different academies also appreciated it very much.

3. We all try- The song has been a lovely presentation from Tinashe. It has a lovely video also. The video has gained the same popularity as the song. The huge fan base of Tinashe loved the song so much that in the month of release, she had been booked for the next six months.

4. The zone- The song has a great lyrics and a melodious rhythm also. The rhythmic tone made her fan crazy about her. The craze was such that she had to cancel some trips. Security was tightened more, to save her from her crazy fans. It is surely one of the Tinashe most popular songs 2016.

5. Never-Never- This song has a marvelous lyrics and an astonishing video too. The fan craze became even more for her after the song release. The great song from the R&B genre has got a great praise in the Grammys also.

6. I just can’t stop loving you- The super popular romantic song composition from Tinashe is surely in the list of the best songs of Tinashe. The song was so hit, that the tickets of the stage shows of her, were sold within two days after the announcement.

7. Sweetest Taboo- It has been another romantic song and a great composition from Tinashe. After the release of this particular song, her fan club was doubled, within a month. This sudden increase of crush of her fans was not missed by the newspaper agency.

8. Velvet rope- The super lyrics of the song has been a great hit. This is one of the Tinashe latest songs and has been also one of the most popular songs of her.

9. Midnight Sun- The lyrics of the song, written by Tinashe, has been a great hit and has been appreciated a lot. Her continuous release of great lyrics made her a role model in that field.

10. 10 2 on- This has been the Tinashe’s new singles and is also the debut singles from her. The song is a new release this year from the super hit Aquarius album.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of Tinashe

Tinashe has been a popular name now, not only among the fans, but in the entire music world. She has been booked for the UK tour in the coming year. The tour is in March and includes three locations at UK. The locations are:

Coming soon…

However, the upcoming album is at the recording stage, but the name of the song or the album has been kept secret to tempt her fans. Keep visiting to stay updated about Tinashe songs.