Top 10 hip hop songs 2016: that can make you go crazy

Hip Hop songs in 2016- Songs that can make you go crazy: Hip Hop songs have emerged as a culture for the youths of the new generation throughout the world. These songs are known for its unique beat, high melody and great lyrics through which it attract the attention of the listeners. These songs have also influenced people throughout the world and are very popular among them because of its highly impressive and excellent music and the wonderful way through which these are treated by the composers and the makers.

List of amazing top hip hop songs of this season to feel the heat in your life

Hip hop songs helps to uplift the mood of the listener and it also makes them think about what good can happen to them in this world of stress, pressure and negativity. These songs are seen as a source of positive influence and great impact on the minds of the people through its lyrics and melody. It is a wonderful form of art loved by many.

Top 10, Top 20, Top 40, Hip Hop Songs 2016 List

Here is the list of best hip hop songs for 2016 that are leading the chart busters and have garnered huge appreciation from people sitting in different corners of the world.

1. Break the Bank by ScHoolboy Q- This wonderful American Hip Hop number has been recorded by one of the finest singer of the genre, ScHoolboy Q. The song has been exclusively favorite if its listeners since the date of its release. It has marked grand entry in the music industry and is ruling the hearts of millions of people. This song is also known for its excellent composition because of which it has been on the leading position of the Top 10 hip hop songs 2016.

2. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons- the song has been highly acclaimed by the critics of the music industry because of its production, lyrics and vocals. It is a perfect song that hits the right chord of its listener’s hearts and makes them feel the beauty of the song.

3. 15 Minutes of Fame by Jamla Records- This is one of the best hip hop songs that have been produced ever. The song has wonderful lyrics about the 15 minutes of fame and its melody and music is quite interesting and enhancing for the listeners.

4. Blak and Blu by Gary Clark Jr.- This is probably one of the major work of Gary Clark Jr., the American musician. The song touches the black music genre and has been perfect in using it throughout. It has also received critical appreciation for the wonderful composition. The song was also nominated for Blues Music Award in the category of Contemporary Blues Album. It is one of the best hip hop songs 2016.

5. Stronger Than Ever by Raleigh Ritchie- This is a debut single of the British singer, Raleigh Ritchie. The song is known for its excellent and wonderful lyrics and great melody with which it attracts the attention of the people and also makes them feel connected with it.

6. Nobody by Rick Ross- This is one of the best hip hop songs by Rick Ross. The song is from his sixth album Mastermind and it deserves to be among the leading songs of the genre for its beautiful composition. The song is a wonderful piece of at which promotes the entire hip hop song industry through its excellence.

7. Drunk in Love by Beyonce- One of the most loved and adored singer of the era, Beyonce has recorded this amazing and excellent hip hop song only to receive critical appreciation. The song has also got positive reviews from the music lovers and it has made its entry in the best hip hop songs.

8. Made in Black America by Common- This wonderful piece of art is a perfect combination of lyrics, music and great rhythm. The vocal of the singer has also been used perfectly in the song.

9. Blind YHreats by ScHoolboy Q- The world of music industry has received yet another idea and amazing and beautiful track through the help of this number which is being loved by all. It is definitely one of the best hip hop songs ever produced.

10. Nobody Cares by Tech N9ne- The song is known for its wonderful composition and engaging lyrics which people will love to listen and enjoy.

These are the best ever hip hop songs for this season that are very popular throughout the world because of the way the artists have handled it and for the way it twists the music for creating an impactful melody. Enjoy life with amazing Hip Hop songs 2016.