Top Christmas Songs 2016 : enhances the feel and happiness of the festival

Which are the top Christmas songs enhances the feel and happiness of the festival : Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals which is enjoyed and loved by people all around the world with great enthusiasm. Music plays an important role in this festival especially the Christmas carols. It is a touch of happiness in this celebration and has everything through which it adds an extra touch of happiness. There are numerous songs that have been extremely popular among people for this particular festival. Christmas is one such celebration which is enjoyed by people of all religion across globe. The celebrations gets a new dimension when there are some happening Christmas songs of 2016 to create the mood.

List of best Christmas songs in 2016 to make the festive season happening for all

The traditional Christmas carol can never be compared with anything else but there are several other songs that have been developed for making the festival even more entertaining and engaging. These Christmas songs hold a special place in the hearts of the people for its wonderful music and efficient role.

new top Christmas songs 2016
Here is the list of best 10 Christmas songs for 2016 that have been produced for making the festival even more special.

1. The 12 days of Christmas by Taking Back Sunday- Christmas is one festival for which people wait eagerly throughout the year. This gives them an opportunity to spend quality time with their family members and with their friends. The music and wonderful Christmas song helps them to wonderfully develop the feel for the festival. This song is one of the best and Top 10 Christmas songs 2016 because of its melody and music.

2. Christmas Time here by Vince Guaraldi- The song suggests the Christmas time is near and it makes people start looking and shopping for the festival. This song makes people enjoy the current moment of Christmas and it is also wonderfully recorded by Vince Guaraldi.

3. Christmas wrapping by Spice Girls- This is one of the best Christmas songs which helps people to feel the essence of the festival and to enhance their ideas about the same. It is also known for making the celebration more happening and colorful for all of us.

4. Ave Maris by Placido Domingo- The song has wonderful lyrics and efficient music with the help of which it has been ruling the list of top songs for the festival. It not only contains an extraordinary feel but also has a wonderful voice of the singer that touches people heart efficiently.

5. Mary’s Boy Child by Boney M- The special melody of this song touches the hearts of people of all generation and age group. It makes people think about what special place this festival holds in their life. It is also one of the most loved Christmas songs 2016.

6. Santa Claus Lane by Hilary Duff- Christmas and Santa Claus are both related with each other. The stories of Santa rewarding the best children and giving gifts to them are well appreciated throughout the world. This song of Hilary does remind us about the same.

7. Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney- Paul through this song encourages people to be actively involved in this wonderful moment of Christmas and make them happy. The song is very interesting and adorable and is thus one of the most loved Christmas songs.

8. The Christmas Waltz by The Carpenters- This song has a wonderful feel attached with it through which people all around the world can feel Christmas. It is one of the best songs that have Christmas feel attached with it and which makes people entertain and sets an enjoyable mood.

9. Frosy The Snowman by Jimmy Durante- Christmas comes in winter and winter is all about snow everywhere. This song of Jimmy brings up this snowy topic and it also makes people engage in some outdoor activities with their families through the using the snow. The song is known for its effective popularity and wonderful lyrics through which it touches the hearts of millions. It is also one of the most amazing Christmas songs 2016.

10. Carol of the Bells by Destiny’s Child- Christmas carols and songs has different music and melodies than other songs. This song is characterized with the wonderful melody that the Christmas songs should contain to set up the perfect mood and to make people enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Although the time and society has changed but the love for Christmas has not changed in the minds and hearts of the people. These above mentioned songs have been wonderfully produced and recorded keeping in mind the essence and feel of the festival. We can assure you that once you listen to these Christmas songs in 2016 even in non-festive season, you will feel highly satisfied in life.