Top Country Wedding Songs : creating an ambience of love and emotion

What are The best country wedding songs in 2016 creating an ambience of love and emotion : The grand occasion of the wedding is a common event at every family of the world. Grandeur of wedding includes various arrangements that are from chalking out very minute details to a big arrangement of hiring the best caterers and all. The role of music is the most significant feature in the occasion of the wedding. The selection of the songs should be always at a par with the mood and the ambience of the wedding as a whole. Thus the songs should be played tactfully that it brings out the emotions of the people who are present in the wedding and they tune themselves in the tune of the 2016 top 10 country wedding songs.

The country wedding songs 2016 dominates the ambience

Wedding is an occasion where there is a flow of mixed emotions flowing all over. Thus there should be selection of such a playlist that it gives priorities to the feelings, thoughts and emotions of the individuals present there. To smooth down the process of the selection of the songs, the playlist of few country wedding songs that will build the ambience and is going to hit the music list. Here is a list of songs that enlists the top 10 country wedding songs in 2016.

top country wedding songs 2016 latest list

The list is as follows:

1. Annie’s song: The song is sung by John Denver, is a pop song through which Denver paid tribute to his wife. This song is about the intense time spent together with his wife. Through the song he says that the time spent was as good as ever.

2. The Man in love with you: The song is sung by Steve Droff. The song was reviewed a lot and contains an amazing video that mesmerizes the wedding party as a whole. This song will create a dreamy atmosphere all over the people attending the wedding party.

3. Me and You: The name of the song as it suggests is about union of the souls that puts an imprint in the soul of the newly married couple. This song hits the top list of superb country wedding songs of 2016.

4. Lost in the moment: the beautiful song has been made especially for the purpose of country wedding. The beautiful lyric of the song has made the song even more beautiful.

5. From this Moment on: The song with a beautiful lyric support and fine musical note is a very soft and cute song fort the marriage. The beautiful song is also having a great vocal support from the singer to turn it a hit among the superb country wedding songs for 2016.

6. Amazed: The fine tuned song is one among the top wedding songs downloads this year and is a significant one among all the superb country wedding songs of recent times. The song is having a great lyrical support and a great musical note to support the song turn into a biggest hit this year.

7. I’ll be there For You: The great note for the marriage has a special vocal effect and the great musical notes in the back stage has made it a nice one to get on the top list of the superb country wedding songs of 2016 recent times. The4 song is even more beautiful than it was thought to be and that has been proved by the top performance among the listeners.

8. Darlin’ Companion: The beautiful musical note has been a super hit among all the superb country wedding songs of recent times and has bagged up big revenue by the most downloads in this year. The song has been supported with great lyrics to make it a nice tune at the end.

9. I do: The top selling CD of the song has proved that the song is the most perfect among all the superb country wedding songs this year. The song is having great musical composition at the back and is also having great lyrics to support.

10. I Swear: The song has been chosen to be the most liked by the couples and the lovers, although the CD selling doesn’t support that. However the song has been with great notes to be in the top list.

The above list of the top 10 country wedding songs for 2016 are basically evergreen songs and are going to rule out the wedding party completely. If you are eager to make your wedding ceremony memorable for you then you can play the above mentioned songs to get the feel of being special.