Top Funny Songs : To get some fun factors in life

What are the top funny songs in 2016, To get some fun factors in life listen to the funny comedy songs down the year : The best comedy songs are the songs that make one laugh the most. The lyrics of the songs are so funny that the listeners love to hear them again and again. The music attached with them is perfect match with them as the songs are very much funny and rejoicing also. Here is a list of the Top 10 funny comedy songs for 2016 that has been preferred by the listeners the most.

A wonderful list of top funny songs 2016 for the season

Some of them are recent songs, but most of them are the funny songs in 2016 that had been made earlier. The songs are so enjoying that people prefer to listen them much more than the songs made recently for getting the most fun out of the song. The best funny comedy songs are the best songs for making the mood charged up also and so this is a popular genre of songs.

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1. The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang – The video of the song is not so much funny, but the song itself is so funny that after so many years have passed by, the song has not lost its glory. The song is so beautiful and funny along with the specific musical notes attached with it, that the song is so hit to be 2016’s best funny comedy songs at recent times.

2. The Lonely Island by Justin Timberlake – The song is all about giving a Christmas gift to the girlfriend, who is common to two men. The two men try to please their girlfriend with the best gifts in the Christmas and there is the comedy. The comedy is in the lyrics of the song and that is in the gifts they choose to give to their girlfriend. The song has been very much popular now and for years.

3. Stacys Mom by the Fountains of Wayne – This is a sensual comedy song, where a boy of young age tries to get closer to his friend’s hot mother, and there he does some silly things to loud open the comedy box in the song. The song has been very much popular and has been acquiring the rank one position in the top downloading list for a long time to get a place in the best funny songs of year 2016.

4. Ur So Gay by Katy Perry – The comedy theme of the song is about a lady who is ill of her ex boyfriend, who is gay in nature. The song has passed through enough criticism, as the words tampered the political sense, but the song has been a top hit among the latest best funny comedy songs of recent times.

5. Hot Dog by LMFAO – It’s a typical comedy song, but the song is that much funny that the song has even overcome the other top songs among the best funny comedy songs. Although the song is having no official video, yet the lyric of the song is a straight forward attack towards the fake business deals and business ideas.

6. Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot – The comedy song has been a great hip-hop genre song with the kids supporting the comedy with their adult type works and deeds. The greatly popular song has been an absolute hit as the best funny comedy songs of recent times and is the perfect comedy song that turns the listeners to the dance floor.

7. Because I Got High by Afroman – The song is about a kid who has been abused with marijuana and the entire song seems to be a funny punishment. The song is a rejoicing one and the beautiful music symphony with the song makes it top the list of best funny comedy songs of this year.

8. Pretty Fly by The Offspring – The song is entrusted with beautiful lyric and the song has an immense quality to make one laugh and make merry. The video of the song is funnier than the song also and the song recorded to have the most downloads in the recent times.

9. I’m on a Boat by T-Pain – The foolish act of a person on the boat made the song a super hit one and with a number of downloads from all age people the song turned out to be a popular one among the 2016 latest best funny  songs of recent times.

10. Fat by Weird – The song was of Michael Jackson, where Weird did a beautiful comedy parody. The song is having beautiful lyrics as the songs of the Pop King usually has, but the comedy sense and the funny situation and deeds described indicates the versatility of the pop superstar.

The songs in the list of best funny comedy songs are mostly older songs, but are very much popular to be placed along with the best of the new songs. Make fun and bring fun in others life playing these funny songs in 2016.