Top Happy Songs 2016 : To get the true feeling of happiness

list of top Happy Songs in 2015-2016 with most popular all time best and latest hot Happy Songs.

What are the top happy songs : To get the true feeling of happiness, swing your mood listening to popular Happy songs of 2016 : The most popular songs that are based on some emotions are the sad song or the love songs and the happy songs. The most popular happy songs of recent times are many in numbers of which below is a list of the top 10 happy songs 2016, which have been listened or preferred at most by the users. The download or the purchase of the music albums are the indexes that makes the top ten lists of them.

Experience the elegance and beauty of being happy in life with Happy songs of this season 2016

The happy songs are the songs that are best for the happy mood of the song lovers in 2016 and are gaining so much popularity every year that the songs are gaining popularity than even the top pop or rocking songs also.

Top Happy Songs 2016 list

1. Joy To The World by the Three Dog Night – The silly song with lyric full of nonsense is having such beautiful rhythmic notes, that whoever listens to it loves to stand up and dance on it. The is really funny song and the lyric is also funny, but the music attached with the song has made the song the best attraction for the lovers of the most popular happy songs 2016.