Top Jazz Songs : perfect for any celebration or party

What are the top Jazz songs are perfect for any celebration or party : Jazz music has originated from the African- American communities and it has developed as one of the most amazing type of music that has ever been produced. This African music is known for its interesting and engaging feel and wonderful melody that is attached with it. The songs of these genre focuses on different issues of the world. It is also an important song for any celebration which sets the mood for party.

List of best jazz songs 2016 which created an impact in the music lovers for its great presentation

Jazz songs and music is known for its wonderful melodies and great use of lyrics. It efficiently creates a difference between life and emotions of humans and makes the listeners feel the same very efficiently.

top jazz songs 2016
Here is the list of amazing top 10 jazz songs for 2016 that entertains the music lovers and also helps them to understand the true meaning of this music.

1. So What by Miles Davis- This is one of the best examples of jazz music and is known for its wonderful music elements. The song is sung in a wonderful and distinctive voice of Miles Davis and it has a fast and highly engaging music through which it grabs the attention of the listeners. This song because of its popularity and wonderful elements has been leading the list of Top 10 jazz songs 2016.

2. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy by Cannonball Adderley- This song is from the album of Adderley that was released in 1966. Being such an old piece of music this song still holds a great and sacramental place in the hearts of jazz lovers because of its wonderful music and great vocal of the singer.

3. Something Cool by June Christy – This is a single piece from the album of June Christy which was recorded in 1953, 1954 and 1955. This song has all elements that make it top the list of amazing jazz songs that has ever been produced and it also contains a wonderful voice of the Christy.

4. Take Five by Dave Brubeck- This is one of the most amazing songs of this genre that has been very popular among the music lovers throughout the world. It has a wonderful composition as its base and has been wonderfully produced by the artist.

5. Dolphin Dance by Herbie Hancock- This wonderful song is a part of an album of Herbie Hancock and is known for its excellent and wonderful base and great concept through which it has been entertaining its listeners. This is also one of the most amazing jazz songs.

6. My Favorite Things by John Coltrane- This song of John Coltrane is from his seventh studio album that was released in the year 1961. The song has great music and has been a wonderful piece of art that has been produced in the world of music.

7. Sweet Georgia Brown by Anita O’Day- The song became a great hit since its release mainly because of its wonderful lyrics and effectiveness of the voice of the singer. This is one of the most loved jazz songs which have been extremely popular throughout the world.

8. Moddy’s Mood for Love by James Moody- The song has wonderful lyrics of Eddie Jefferson and it was also extremely popular for its effective melody through which it has garnered huge accolades from the music critics and lovers alike.

9. Science Funktion by Donald Byrd- This song has been considered as one of the best jazz songs that have been ever produced in the world of music. This song has efficiently delivered a wonderful platform for the listeners to gauge the real meaning of jazz music.

10. Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday- This is a wonderful song that has been produced by Billie Holiday. It was recorded in 1939 and since then it has been popular amazingly as a wonderful inspiration for other singers and for artists who are making a new entry in the genre. This song is also among the great jazz songs which is loved and adored by people throughout the world.

Jazz music and songs are perfect for any celebration, get together or party. It is also highly efficient for providing you with the wonderful company that you need to make yourself comfortable in and to enjoy some alone time. The smooth jazz songs in 2016 makes you totally fall in love with it. It is also known for incorporating the American popular music in the most amazing way. Another benefit of these 2016 best Jazz songs is that it makes people know about the African American community and the hardship that they had faced during one period of time.