Top love songs : Feel the love flowing in the air by listening best love songs

5. Let Her Go by Passenger This is a loveable sad song which makes you realize that you love someone so deeply that you start taking them for granted. The song helps you to learn about the perfect idea and gain wonderful knowledge about this perfect emotion. One of the wonderfully crafted love songs of all time is Let Her Go by Passenger.

6. 400Lux by Lorde 17 year old Lorde is a wonderful singer who is known for her excellent vocals and wonderful music knowledge and information. With her debut album Pure Heroine she has managed to garner great accolade from different parts of the world and from the music critics as well. 400 Lux is one of the best love songs 2016 that have ever been developed. It is heart touching and simple at the same time.

7. Closer by Tegan and Sara- the twin sister of Tegan and Sara has made amazing entry in the music industry because of their wonderful love songs that they have sung. This song is known for its pure pop music and wonderful classic ideas and lyrics. Also Read : Bollywood Love Songs