Top Pop Songs : promises to make you feel the beat

Latest top Pop songs promises to make you feel the beat : Music is the one thing that has been significantly ruling the hearts of millions of people throughout the world. This has an amazing impact on the minds and hearts of the people. Although there are several popular genres in the music industry, still pop songs and music holds a significant place among them all. There are some amazing pop singers in the music world and their awesome voice, lively presentation and appealing image made it possible for this genre to create a niche position in the hearts of millions of music lovers across globe.

List of wonderful and entertaining pop songs 2016 which will make any heart happy

Pop music is excellent for any party, get together or even if an individual is sitting alone. The pop songs make them feel the high tempo that is attached with it and it also makes entertains them by making them groove on its wonderful music. The beats of top 10 popular songs of 2017 are so energetic that it can set the mood of a dull person and make him energetic in life. Many people believe in the fact that whenever we feel demotivated in life we should listen to pop songs and this genre can create new sensation in our life making us feel more energetic and active in life.

new Top Pop Songs 2016 list
Below is the list of 10 best pop songs in year 2016 that is loved by many people across globe.

1. Thriller by Michael Jackson- This singer was one of the greatest entertainers of the world. He is known for its efficient skills of singing and dancing through which he had entertained all his fans and has won million of hearts through his distinctive performance. This song of the singer has been considered as best song of this genre that has ever been produced. It has thus been able to lead the list of Top 10 pop songs 2016.

2. I Want It That way by Backstreet Boys- This is one of the best pop songs that was produced during the 90s and since then it has been working as a great entertainer for the people all around.

3. Bad by Michael Jackson- Being one of the best pop starts of all time, Michael Jackson has ruled and is still ruling the hearts of millions of people throughout the world. This song of Jackson has been very popular because of its wonderful composition and excellent music that it is equipped with. The song has the ability to touch the hearts of millions of people.

4. …Baby One More Time by Britney Spears- She is an amazing pop star who has made people go down on their knees because of her wonderful look and excellent singing ability. This song of Spears has been considered as one of the most popular pop songs because of its excellent lyrics and wonderful tunes.

5. This Is Me by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas- The song describes how important it is for people to be of their own whether they are loved or hated by others. The song encourages its listeners to focus on their own individuality and be what they are. This is one of the best encouraging and engaging songs that has been produced to help people and to entertain them.

6. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston- This is one of the most amazing songs that has been produced ever. It is known for its wonderful lyrics and composition and has won million of hearts because of this. This is also an amazing and one of the best pop songs.

7. Poker Face by Lady gaga- Lady gaga is one of the most adorable pop singers of the new era. She has been significantly popular because of her fashion and style sense. Her singing reflects her individuality and is loved by many people. This song of her is fabulous and has every element that can just make her rule on the list.

8. Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah- The song is just awesome for any individual to feel good and entertained. It has everything that you need for spending a wonderful time in your own company. This song is known for its excellent view and wonderful ideas. It is also one of the most amazing pop songs till 2016 ever produced.

9. Firework by Katy Perry- Katy Perry is known for her singing abilities and has always proved her worth through different ideas and significant songs. This song has an amazing feel attached with it which allows the individuals to have a great entertainment.

10. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen- The song has been considered as one of the most amazing pop songs and it has been very popular among the youngsters throughout the globe. This is a fun song that has catchy lyrics which the listeners love to listen again and again.

These pop songs in 2016 year rule the hearts of millions of people and it also has made a great impact on their life. These songs are loved and adored by them because of its efficient and wonderful composition and lyrics. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the above listed songs of pop songs genre and if you do so you will miss some special realizations of life.