Top R&B Wedding Songs : are showing a new taste of genre among couples

top R&B Wedding Songs in 2015-2016 list and most popular with all time best new R&B Wedding Songs.

What are the The best R&B wedding songs 2016 are showing a new taste of genre among couples : R&B wedding songs are very much popular now, but the major percentage in the lover list of the genre had been the teens. The recent trend of introducing the marriage songs in the R&B soul genre has changed the view of the youth class and the middle aged people also. With every passing day some new songs 2016 are coming up in the market to give dimension to the concept of wedding and R&B wedding songs for 2016 define one such genre dedicated to couples.

Presenting the list of TOP R&B wedding songs for 2016

There are few top class singers and some best lyrics in their compositions. There are many in number, and here is a list of the best ten among them which has enriched the lover’s choice and also the choice of the couples to remain at the top hits of this year.

top rb rnb wedding songs 2016 R&B

Here is a list of the top 10 R&B wedding songs of 2016 that have been real hit in recent time.

1. Eric Benet wedding song album Real Love – This has been the continuation of the fifth album of Eric Benet and has been a very popular song on the Genre of R&B songs and has got its place in the Top R&B wedding songs of 2016. The album is based on the groove songs of 70s and has been a top hit among the wedding songs of now.