Top reggae songs : for creating a different environment

What are the The best top reggae songs 2016 for creating a different environment : Reggae songs in 2016 have been the latest genre in the music world which is basically having a Caribbean origin. The song genre is having the most beautiful tones and the rhythm is the perfect one for putting up the songs as a light dancing songs. The dance songs are beautifully synchronized with the variety of this genre. Here is a list of top 10 reggae songs 2016, which definitely will be liked by any music lovers.

top reggae song of 2016 recent times

An awesome list of some of the best Reggae songs 2016 which every lover of music will love to listen

The best of the reggae songs has the rhythm as a common issue for the quality and the lyrics of those songs are even very nice at times. The top reggae song of 2016 recent times has the real rapping addition with the song and is a pleasant one for the ears.

1. Legend by Bob Marley & The Wailers: The song is having a deluxe edition and has been a very much soft and a rap oriented song. The beautiful rhythm of the song has been an additional advantage in the song and that is the specialty of this genre only, which makes the song even more pleasant for the ears.

2. Legend, re-mastered by Bob Marley and The Wailers: This song is also having a deluxe version and this one is the re-mastered version of the song. This version has been more popular than the deluxe version even, but the downloads of both the songs have listed in the top reggae songs of 2016.