Top Sad Songs : The most popular sad songs of recent times for your lonely moments

5. Quit Playing Game with My Heart by Backstreet Boys – The popular band has more than one popular song in their list, among which, this song is a top hit. The beautiful musical notes and the superb lyric of the song have made the song a top hit in the recent times. The beautiful song has been made softer with soft vocal addition by the band. Check out the list of Most Popular Happy Songs

6. Every Breath You Take by Police – The beautiful composition from the police is a super hit sad song of recent times. The song is with a beautiful lyric and the musical note of the song is so good that the best newly made songs of this year went back due to it and that is also another reason for which the track scored so well in the recent times.

7. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri The soft sad song tells the deepest words of a solitaire heart and is a beautiful track in recent times. The beautiful songs have been a top class song and have scored greatly to become listed in the top sad songs of recent times. The beautiful voice of Christina Perri has also gained a big popularity in the song.