Top Tamil songs : your preference for listening to quality music

What are the best Tamil songs in 2016, amazingly top your preference for listening to quality music : Music does perform the same function throughout the world to entertain people and to make them free from all their tensions and headaches. Music is one such medium which plays a key role towards making the life of an individual better. But as the culture and tradition of different parts of the world differ from each other the music and its composition also varies from one region to another. In a country like India where diverse culture and traditions resides in harmony with each other in a natural way the taste of music is different in different corners of India. The state of Tamil Nadu is Known for its musical culture. No doubt in the fact that in 2016, Tamil music crossed the boundaries of India and created a niche position in the minds of musical people across globe.

List of best Tamil songs for 2016 which created sensation in the world of music

The Tamil songs were earlier generally the poems mentioned in the Sangam Literature but as time changed this music also experienced drastic and revolutionary change because of which it has become one of the most entertaining forms of music.

Best Tamil Songs 2016 new list

Here is the list of amazing 10 best Tamil songs in 2016.

1. Aararo paada from Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer- This is one of the most amazing songs that have been delivered from the music industry of the region. It has wonderful music and great feel attached with it that helps people to understand the message and relevance of the song. It is the leading number of Top 10 Tamil in songs 2016.

2. Thendral vanthu Theendum Podhu from Avatharam- This is a wonderful and most amazing songs that has been developed from the industry for entertaining people and for making them feel the emotion. The song is wonderfully known for its excellent music composition and wonderful lyrics.

3. Yeno Yeno Panithuli from Aadhavan- The song has an amazing emotion attached with it which makes people feel great. It has wonderful music and great lyrics through which it promises to uplift the mood of the listeners. This is one of the 2016 most loved Tamil songs.

4. Theeliya Pukai Illai from Engeyum Kaadhal- the songs from this part of the country are known for its wonderful attachment with the culture and great reflection of the same. This song cannot be ignored by the Tamil music lovers because of its extremely beautiful and amazing lyrics and melody.

5. Antha vanatha pola from Chinna Gounder- This song is known wifely for its wonderful music composition and the great emotion with which it fills the hearts and minds of the audience. It is one of the most amazing Tamil songs of 2016 that has been highly acclaimed by the critics of the music industry.

6. Unnai Paartha Pinbu from Kadhal Mannan- The tamil songs are not only popular in Tamil Nadu or in India but it also has a great influence on the music industry of different parts of the world. This song from Kadhal Mannan has been extremely hit for its wordings and rhythm.

7. Pappa Pappa Pappapan from Vettai- People from Tamil Nadu is very particular about their taste whether it is related with food, culture or music and this is reflected through its music. The song is known for its great impact and entertainment level because of which it has been highly popular among the people and the listeners. It is one of the best tamil songs.

8. Ennai Thalata Varruvaalo from Kadhalukku Mariyadhai- Being one of the most amazingly loved tamil songs which has helped the people to enjoy and to be a part of a fun element. It has been known for its lovely lyrics and music composition.

9. Chinna Mani Kuliye from Amman Kovil Kizhakale- This song has efficiently established a great place for itself in the market because of influential and effective music. It has been widely known for the entertainment that it provides to the listeners.

10. Sundari neeyum from Michael Madana Kamarajan- This is an amazing song which makes its listeners enjoy their time. It is also one of the best and most essential songs of the industry. This particular song has received great accolade from people of different parts of the world and it has also been praised by the music critics.

The tamil songs are highly engaging and it reflects the wonderful culture and tradition that is loved from the listeners. It has a very high and amazing quotient of definitely beautiful songs. Keep listening to the above mentioned Latest best Tamil songs of 2016 and feel every bit of its melody.