Trey Songz top 10 new songs that entertains you always

The American singer Tremaine Aldon Neverson well known as Trey Songz is well known for its versatility. The debut album he released was in the year 2005 coined as I Gotta Make it received a huge loads of appraises from the world as well as on web. The hit studio albums have made a superb sale all across and thus received three Award nominations of Grammy. Albums like; Chapter V, passion, Pain & Pleasure started receiving wonderful feedback within few hours of the release. The ambidextrous singer has also proved himself to be an able actor, record producer and lyricist. All these aspects together made him a talented and loved singer of his age.

Trey Songz top 10 songs 2016

Trey Songz has presented his listeners loads of wonderful numbers on which the listeners can celebrate wholeheartedly. His mother’s upbringing was appropriate for him to become a singer. Trey Songz started his singing career at a tender age of 14. Songz never held aspirations for becoming an established voice in the world. In the later part of his life, he relocated from his native place to the town of New Jersey and started the recording for his music albums. He too had to sign a contract with that of the recording studio and then onwards started his journey towards music although it did not actually begin before 2003.

Trey Songz top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming shows and events

Life will be amazing for you when you get the chance to listen to the awesome numbers of this star. His top 10 songs 2016 are:

1. I need a girl – Trey Songz is the lead vocalist of this song, this song released on 2009 won the hearts of the listeners. This is one of Trey Songz’s top 10 songs 2016.

2. Bottoms up- This song included in the album named, Passion, Pain and Pleasure. Nicky Minaz and Trey Songz is the main vocalist of this song, released on 2010.

3. Neighbors know my name- This song was made for the album named, Ready, which released on 2009. It is among the hip hop genre.

4. Unusual – Drake and Trey Songz is the main singer of this song. This song was introduced in the album 2010 album 3P.

5. Sex ain’t better than love – Trey Songz banged this song for the 2011 album- Inevitable. This song is about love, anger and intimacy. This is one of the best songs of Trey Songz’s songs list.

6. Can’t help but wait – This song prepared for the 2007 album trey day, he is the lead singer of this song. The entire scenario in the song is so impulsive that he hoped that he will be able to live up to the expectations of his lovers.

7. Say Aah – Trey Songz and Fabulous is the singer of this song. This song was taken from the album-Ready, 2009. This is one of the most popular songs 2016 of Trey Songz.

8. Already taken – R Kelly is the lyricist of this song and Trey Songz is the singer of this song. It was introduced in the year 2010. It is an American romantic rock.

9. Heart attack – This song was picked from the album Chapter V, releases 2012. Trey is the lead vocalist of this song. This is one of the best songs of Trey Songz. The entire song provides the best picturesque view of emotional touch so that tears are bound to roll down your cheeks.

10. Alone – This song was prepared for the album Passion, Pain and Pleasure which releases on 2010.This song is about the pain of staying alone. This is one of the Trey Songz new singles. This song received the highest number of accolades from the audience.

Don’t miss the chance to listen to these numbers. You will become his fan for sure after this.

Trey Songz upcoming songs and events 2016

The listeners as well as the recordists are relatively hopeful with the performance of the American singer Trey Songz. Trey Songz new songs is about to bring a delight in your life as well as turn out to be effective to your ears. We will insist you to keep visiting this website on regular basis sp that we can help you stay updated about this amazing musical star.

Trey Songz latest songs 2016 aims to bring about a new revolution in the era of music owing to the new releases that are coming up shortly, yet taking some time to declare. Just like always, this time also the American singer is preparing to gift the fans as well as the music lovers with a fresh collection of songs which are waiting to exclaim you soon. Here in this space we will provide you information about the upcoming projects, concerts and songs of Trey Songz.