YG top ten new songs that touches your heart and entertain you always

The American singer and wonderful rapper had made his work throughout in a splendid way YG stands for Young Gangsta. The collection of songs he has gifted his audiences with is enough to bring the taste of happiness as well as good moments. The singles namely- LEFT RIGHT that was released gained loads of accolades and praises. The debut single he blasted out was a super duper hit. The name of it was- TOOT IT and BOOT IT. The debut songs have made it a point to craft his musical career in a fantastic way.

Top 10 songs 2016 of YG that enormously will leave you awestruck t

YG latest news is that the singer created the Pu$haz Ink record label of the group with that of the DJ Mustard. This was recorded in the year 2008. He was at a time arrested owing to a violation in the parole. After this success Y.G started captivating the listeners with the charm of his musical journey. The American singer was announced as the prominent singer on the CTE World mix tape. It was heard that the set Y.G was posing for artworks was urgently closed down by the police as the set caught fire.

YG top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming shows

YG best entertaining songs 2016 which bound you to tap your feet on the dance floor

1. My Nigga – This song was sung by YG, the American rapper. On 2013, this song was launched. This was the first lead rap single of YG. This song has been nominated for many awards. This is one of the YG new singles 2016.

2. Who do you love? – This is another wonderful creation of YG. This is an American hip hop rap song, was made for the album my krazy life, releases on 2014.

3. BPT – This song was sung by Y.G for the music album- My Krazy Life, released on 2014. This song defines the vines of the Wall Street. This is one of the best songs of Y.G’s songs list.

4. I just wanna party – This is another magnificent music intend of Y.G. This is an American rock rap song, was made for the file- My Krazy life, released on 2014.

5. Really be – This song was included in the album-my Krazy life, which was released on 2014. Y.G and Kendrick Lamar are the singers of this song. This is an American lyrical hip hop song. This is one of Y.G’s top 10 songs 2016.

6. Bompton – The singer and the rapper of this song is Y.G. This song is about the bushtit if my Nigga.

7. Left Right – DJ Mastered and Y.G are the singers of this song. This is a contemporary song which touched the listeners. This song was prepared for my krazy life on 2014.

8. Do it to ya – This song tells us about the explicit love of a guy, who is already an owner of everything in the world. It is from the music album my krazy life which is one of the most popular songs of Y.G.

9. Meet the Flockers – Tee Cee and Y.G are the church choirs of this song. This song has been taken from the album my Krazy life.

10. Thank God – This song has been sung by the three well known singers, R.J, Big T.C and Y.G. It is also from the album my krazy life. This is one of the best songs of YG.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of YG

YG upcoming albums are anticipated to receive a positive response from that of the listeners and the audiences. People are expecting more unbelievable raps from Keenon D.R Jackson, Y.G. His effort has been forever appreciated by his lovers. We are rather optimistic regarding the realism that as the day will stepladder forward there will be a quantity of YG new songs which completely soothes and give will pleasure to your ears.

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Y.G’s latest songs 2016 are definitely able to charm his fans; apart from this his new project of 2016, that are basically ongoing process and to gather accolades from more fans who need a grand music to heal the mental pains.
We will insist you to visit this section on regular basis to get latest news about this Musical star. Here we will provide you all latest information about the upcoming ventures and concerts of the star in year 2016. Don’t go away and be with us for more update about YG.