Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels in 2016

Television channels is one of the best way of entertainment for Indian people- Know the Indian television channels which are close to heart : One thing that interests individuals throughout the world and which is capable of grabbing their attention is television. This “idiot box” has become a part of every one throughout the globe. Some surf the channels for cricket, some for entertainment while other for information. Although whatever the purpose is Television is ruling the hearts of millions of people throughout the world. The scenario is no different in India. Every Indian household has this machine which becomes an interesting way for their entertainment.

List of television channels that entertains Indians

Television is of no use if it does not have good channels that cater to meet the needs, demands and expectations of the viewers. People generally watch Television to divert their mind from the usual tensions and pressure. They love to watch family drama, interesting shows, game shows, sports and other entertaining programs or movies which takes them in a different world altogether. There are different channels in Indian television which helps people to entertain themselves.

Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels in 2016

List of best 10 famous Indian television Channels-

1. Star Plus – Star Plus is a Star Network channel and is not only viewed by people of India but is also very popular among the people of Asia and across Europe. This is a famous Indian television channel which deserves a leading place because of its wonderfully entertaining and engaging family dramas and other innovative shows with which it keeps the viewers hooked to it. It is the best channel people opt for when they have leisure time in hand.

2. Sony Entertainment – Sony has been one of the best channels and most watched channels of India. It started operating in October 1995 and since then it has reached new heights because of its unique entertainment and wonderful programs and shows that it telecasts every day. It has thus been named among the Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels in 2016.

3. Zee TV – Zee TV has been entertaining its viewers in India for more than 20 years. It broadcasts different dramas and shows through which it allows its viewers to experience every field. In an entirety this Indian television channel has completely developed itself as a family entertainment channel.

4. Zee Cinema – Being one of the leading channels of Zee network, Zee Channel is totally dedicated for cinema. It’s a great platform for the movie lovers and allows them to watch their favorite shows and movies in an entertaining way.

5. Star Gold – Star Gold has made a great name for itself in the minds of its viewers because it broadcasts old Indian movies which entertain the youngsters as well as the older generations. This is one of most loved and watched channels of India. Operating 24/7 the channel brings in great number of movies which satisfies the movie lovers and also helps them to experience wonderful and amazing movies for their entertainment.

6. Sab TV – This is a highly entertaining channel which is loved by people of all age group throughout India. It delivers a number of fabulous and excellent programs in the most efficient and entertaining way. The shows of the channel also discuss major issues of the Indian society and touch the lives of many. This is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels in 2016.

7. Star Cricket – It is the best option for the cricket lovers. The channel is known for broadcasting live cricket matches and their highlights and also provides the viewers with a detailed analysis of the match. With its great and amazing broadcasts it has made a distinctive and unique place in the hearts of its viewers.

8. Colors TV – Although it is a new Indian television channel compared to the others, this has also made a great name in every household of India. It’s entertaining and wonderful programs includes some family dramas, reality shows, comedy show and one of the best shows in the Indian channel industry, “Fear Fighter”.

9. Set Max – This Indian television channel is known for movies but during IPL matches and T20 matches it is totally dedicated for the match. It allows the viewers to watch their favorite films and also to get entertained through live matches.

10. Zenga TV – Zenga TV is a great entertainment channel that keeps its viewers engaging. It’s a new channel and is giving a great competition to the big names of the sector.

Leading Indian Television channels presents shows and programs which are interesting for the viewers and that gives them a feel good factor. It also makes them love their leisure time and spend it in an interesting way. For Indian people these channels act as a true medium of entertainment.