Top 10 Must Read Tips To Secure Your Facebook and WhatsApp Account

Facebook account tips essential for maintaining a secured Facebook and WhatsApp account

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that an individual is associated with. This platform ensures people to stay connected with their friends and family members who are sitting in different corners of the world. However, it is very important for all the users to make sure that they are having a safe and secure access to their account.

List of must read Facebook and WhatsApp account security tips

One should always follow certain rules which ensures that their Facebook account is maintained and efficiently. It also protects you from hackers and from being at the verge of losing your personal information and pictures that you have uploaded in Facebook. Be following these rules and tips you ensure that your account is safe and secure entirely.

Facebook and WhatsApp Account Security Tips Must Read Everyone in 2015

Here is the list of the 10 best tips that one should read to maintain the security of the Facebook and Whatsapp account. Make sure you follow these tips on a positive note to avoid any sort of mishap with your Facebook account.

1. Change your password- Changing your password on a regular basis ensure that the hackers won’t be able to track you down. Changing the password of the account frequently makes you sure that you are protected at all time. This is also related with the point that you should never share your password with any friend or family member. This is the first of the Top 10 Must Read Tips To Secure Your Facebook and WhatsApp Account.

2. Enjoy Private Browsing on your web browser- If you are using someone else’ computer then you should ensure that you are taking the advantage of a web browser which cannot track you. This ensures that the Facebook information that you used to login will also be erased as soon as the window is closed.

3. Login Approval- With the help of your Facebook settings you can also make sure that you are using login approval. This makes sure that on a new device that Facebook does not recognize for your account will have to do a security code. This is one of the effective Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account and prevents hackers from taking hold of your account.

4. Disconnect from Active logins- This is one of the most influential and effective Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account. Through your Facebook account settings you can go in to the area of active logins which informs you about the devices from which you are logged in currently. Click on the edit button and end all other logins.

5. Log out when you are done with Facebook use- This is one of the easiest and simplest ways that ensure the protection of your Facebook account. This will hardly take some few seconds and will keep you safe from the hackers.

6. Take advantage of Secure Browsing- Located in the account settings this information offers you protection from other people accessing your personal information and details. This gives you the wonderful idea of protecting your information from external sources. This is one of the most efficient Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account.

7. Avoid Span links- Facebook does its best that it can to prevent its users from getting spammed. The best way to avoid this is to ignore clicking on the links that looks like spam. Log in from the official site of Facebook and only after ensuring it you must provide the details of your account.

8. Confirm your mobile- Always make sure that you share your number with Facebook friends so that you get updated information on your phone. It helps you to know what is going on with your account during all time of the day.

9. Use the code generator on your android device- When you install Facebook on your device it tells you about installing the code generator application which makes you feel safe and secure efficiently. This is one of the best Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account.

10. Create a great and strong password- Make sure that your password is strong by using a great combination of words and numbers. This is one of the efficient Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account which ensures that it cannot be easily detected or guessed by anyone.

A large number of people uses Facebook throughout the world and many of them becomes the victims of hackers. It is because they don’t stake proper care of their account and does not ensure its safety. Keep reading this page to brush up the tips to secure your Facebook account.