Top 10 All Time Favorite Female Indian Models : The female models that proved their talent and elegance in the world of modeling

Top 10 All Time Favorite Female Indian Models: A model is known for her individuality, hot looks along with superb modeling skills. The designers show high amount of favoritism to the female models due to their hard working nature, talent, and beauty. Every girl loves to be a victorious model, but it is not possible for everyone because a successful model need to posses many unique characteristics. The life of a model and that too in India is not easy and to reach a stable position in the industry of modeling needs lots of effort at the end of the model. The models need to follow a strict health regime to be in shape as physical fitness is highly important to stay in this world and to come out with flying colors.

Top 10 All Time Favorite Female Indian Models

Knowing the top 10 Female Indian models who are all time favorite in the industry

Everyone likes a beautiful model. Their astonishing beauty along with attractiveness is enough to draw the attention of their fans every time.

The list of Top 10 All Time Favorite Female Indian Models is given below:

1. Sheetal Menon- She is the daughter of a defense force officer Mr. Meron. Born in the year 1988, she started her profession as a dancer. Then, Sheetal got the opportunity to appear as a model, after that she took modeling as her new profession by the start of 2004.

2. Shefali Talwar- She was able to pursue modeling profession for more than seven years. She is an amazing model, television artist, and a versatile female expert in different fields of her time. Shefali also took part in a well-known show on Zee TV in the past.

3. Shivangi Parikh- She was able to win the title of Miss Mumbai. She is also the proud winner of Femina Miss India-Asia in the year 1999. Shivangi was a gorgeous and proficient model of her time. She cherished to live independently and for this reason she separates herself from her parents at the start of her career.

4. Ujjwala Raut- She is a 5′ 10” tall model of India. She was born in the year 1978, and she was able to win the Femina Miss India award in the year 1996. Ujjwala is known for her stunning individuality and had been a highly cherished model of her time.

5. Sara Corner- She was the star pageant in the 2001 Femina Miss India-World. Born in Kolkata, she was able to complete her education from Bangalore. Soon Sara shifted to Mumbai to start her career as a model. She is a gorgeous girl and has done diverse shows in a very successful manner.

6. Sandali Sinha- She had been an astonishing model. She is cute and a smart female of India. Unfortunately, Sandali lost her father at a very early stage of her life. She wanted to become a doctor but was unable to do so. Therefore, she decided to enter into the glamor industry instead.

7. Nayonika Chatterjee- This black hair queen of beauty was born one of the highly beloved models of all time. Nayonika had the opportunity to wear dresses of the most popular fashion designers such as Hemant Trivedi, Shahab Durazi, Rohit Bal and Tarun Tahiliani among others. She is very hot and recognized for her stunning fair complexion.

8. Tapur-Tapur Chatterjee- They are very sweet twin sisters who were born in the year 1980. Both these Bengali beauties are astonishing fashion models of their age. They were seen to appear in various TV commercials and were able to receive a high amount of appreciation along with awards.

9. Aditi Govitrikar- This 5’ 7” beautiful female model was able to win the Miss World award in the year 2001. She is a model and a band performer as well. In addition, She is one of the highly devoted females of India.

10. Shonali Rosario- She was born in the year 1977 who has been a magnificent female model and one of the most fashionable beauties of India. She was able to win the Femina Miss India award in the year 1996 and was able to receive numerous other awards as well. She is a successful interior designer and a model of the era.