Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Russian Models 2016 List

Top 10 Hottest Russian Models in 2016 equip with great figure and looks tops the modeling industry : Models are always known for their beauty and extremely wonderful figure and great looks. They possess a catchy and eye grabbing beauty which makes them wonderfully perfect on the ramps. They are the face of a brand or a product which comes in the market and it also serve as a great aide for people for creating excellent works of art. This is a performance and a wonderful talent that makes the product well known among its target audience. This is a profession which is mainly included in fashion, glamour, fine art and commercial print models. Promoting many products and services among mass are the key responsibility of models and so they need to be the one who are absolutely hot and beautiful Russian woman in the eyes of audience and do have the power to convince them about the product they are promoting.

List of top 10 hottest, most beautiful and extremely amazing Russian models 2016

There isn’t anyone in the world who doesn’t like hot and sexy models. Everyone loves to see these beautiful divas walk on the ramp. These models become inspirations for many girls and are wonderfully talented and extremely beautiful. In the current modeling industry, the Russian models have played a great role in dominating the fashion industry. These women are known for their extreme beauty and great physique which has helped them to conquer the world of fashion.

Top 10 Hottest Russian Models 2016 list Daria Strokous

Below is the list of top 10 most beautiful and hottest Russian models of all time.

1. Daria Strokous- This is a Moscow born beauty whose modeling career started as an exclusive model of Prada. She even did great editorial features for different magazines. Daria Russian model is one of the most appealing models of Russia and is even a successful fashion designer who has excellently gained wonderful reputation in the industry.

2. Daria Werbowy- This beautiful is extremely talented and is known for seasonal shows which she used to do. She has worked for different and exclusive fashion brands through which she has made great name in the modeling world.

3. Tamara Gverdtsiteli- She is a Soviet model, actress as well as composer known for her excellent talent and wonderful beauty. She has won several awards for unique style of walking in different fashion shows and on ramps. Her beauty has helped her bag a leading position at the Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Russian Models 2016 and All Time.

4. Anna Kournikova- Anna is another beautiful Russian model who had dome a number of fashion shows and ad campaigns and had garnered huge attention from the leaders of the industry. She became a tennis player after modeling. This charming and extremely beautiful girl had a craze for tennis which forced her to become tennis player.

5. Glukoza- The real name of this Hot Russian model is Natalia Chistyakova Ionova. She is a singer and a solo artist apart from being a well known model. She has been extremely popular among her fans because of her notorious and exclusive attitude and amazing beauty. She knows the art of winning hearts.

6. Lera Kudryavtseva- She is a superb model who is also known for her TV anchoring, acting and dancing. This beautiful Russian model made great name and reputation for herself by walking the ramps with great comfort and feel. She also has amazing modeling skills and talents.

7. Irina Shayk- Great figure and wonderful personality makes her top the list of wonderful models of Russia. This blue eyed woman has won the hearts of millions of fans because of her wonderful figure and great and charming personality. She looks amazingly beautiful in hot and swimming costumes. She stole the heart of millions of people with her talent and beauty.

8. Sasha Pivovarova- Being a leading name in the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Russian Models of All Time in 2016, this Russian model has marked a great name for herself by doing various fashion shows and walking at the International Fashion Week. She had a heart shaped bone structure that made her a wonderful name in the modeling industry.

9. Natalia Vodianova- This beautiful model enrolled in a modeling agency at the mere age of 15 years. Her passion for the profession and extremely comfortable and charming personality has helped this model to grab a lot of fame throughout the world in this modeling industry.

10. Anna Selezneva- She is an amazing beauty with talented Russian model. Her sexy and hot body has helped her to grab several modeling campaigns after she was first discovered in 2007 in McDonald’s.

The Hot and top 10 most beautiful and hottest Russian models of year 2016 with their wonderful and amazing beauty and great shape have helped them to garner great accolades from the modeling world of different parts of the globe.