Top 10 Hottest Australian Models And Actresses in 2016

Hot Australian actresses and models 2016 who have won the hearts of millions of people: Fashion models are known throughout the world because of their impressive looks and excellent personalities. The models are known for their excellent figure with which they can carry each and every outfit perfectly. There are many instances where one can see that successful models have made great career in the acting industry and the Australian entertainment industry is not untouched.

list of 10 best and hottest models and actresses of Australia 2016

List of wonderful Australian Actresses and impressive models

There is a long list of Australian actresses and models that impresses the audience through their exclusive look and wonderful performances. These females are known for their wonderful looks and extraordinary personalities. These girls are very popular and have also established great name throughout the world for their exclusive acting skills and talents.

Below is the list of 10 best and hottest models and actresses of Australia who are known for their impressive beauties and hot looks.

1. Melissa George – Melissa George was born in Western Australia in 1976 and is considered as one of the hottest models of Australia. She is also among the most successful actress of the era who is known for her excellent performance and wonderful appearance. She started her career by appearing first on television and then she was seen in different movies, television shows and fashion shows. With her charming personality she has managed a leading position among the Top 10 Hottest Australian Models and Actresses in 2016.

2. Emilie de Ravin – This Australian model was born in 1981 and had been the beauty queen of Mount Elize, Victoria. Her hotness and seductive look is difficult to be described in words. She is a leading choice of all fashion designers for walking the ramp because of her wonderful personality and extreme confident.

3. Abbie Cornish – Born in 1982, Abbie Cornish is a hot lady possessing the power of setting the ramp on fire through her hot looks. She is a well known model as well as an actress and has won several awards for her roles and amazing characters that she played for movies and televisions. She is one of the Hottest Australian Models and Actresses 2016.

4. Rachael Taylor – This amazing Australian actress and model was born in 1984. She is loved by her fans because of her perfect look and amazing beauty. She is considered as one of the best models of Australia.

5. Holly Valance – Born in 1983, the real name of this Australian model is Holly Rachel Candy. She is one of the most loved and adorable actress of Australia. Beside this, she is also an amazing singer and wonderful model. She started her career as a model and since then her career graph is rising excellently. She is definitely among the leading Australian Models and Actresses who, hot and seductive.

6. Nathalie Kelley – This young actress is known for her intense beauty and wonderful looks that mesmerizes her fans. Born in 1985, Nathalie has proved her acting talent through different movies like Body of Proof and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. She is also an amazing model.

7. Krystal Forscutt – Krystal Forscutt was born in 1986 in New South Wales, Australia. She is considered as one of the popular Australian Models and Actresses of the era. Her cool personality and amazing looks has helped her grab great attention from the audience. Once you take a look at her, it will be hard for you to take off your eyes from her.

8. Miranda Kerr – Born in Sydney in 1983, Miranda is a well known name in Australia as well as throughout the world. She is an amazing actor and an amazing model who us seen on different fashion shows at national and international level. Her modeling career started in 2007 and now she is among the well-known Australian Models and Actresses.

9. Jessica Gomes – Jessica Gomes is a fantastic model and amazing actress of Australia. She was born in 1985 and began her career in 2008. Her wonderful figure and amazing personality floors her fans and has helped her bag wonderful attention from the entertainment industry.

10. Emily Scott – Being one of the reputed Australian Models and Actresses, Emily has experienced successful career in the field. She is a superb model and glamorous DJ. This hot beauty was born in 1983.

The Australian models and actresses have made great impression on the world of modeling and acting. These models are known for their exclusive looks and highly interesting personality with which they have won millions of hearts.