Top 10 Most Promising Female Models in 2016 : The female models who created a niche position for them in modelling industry

List of top 10 most promising female models 2016 : Modelling is not that easy for everyone. You should have the quality to be presented in front of the world in a different manner. If have that X factor within you then one a glimpse of you will make the world go crazy around you. We prepared the list of top ten supermodels of this era.

Most Promising Female Models in 2016

The Female models who created a solid place in the world of modelling in 2016

The female models need to work really hard when it’s time to make an entry in the world of modelling to create a solid space for them in the industry. Becoming a good model who is always in demand by leading brands for promotion of their products is an absolute tough job. Selected few manages to create a niche position in this field. These girls are not just super models but also beauty icons.

Let’s check who are in the list of Most Promising Female Models in 2016 –

1. Christie Brinkley: Christie is not just a great model she is a very good singer too. She has been seen in many commercials. This American super hotty is one of the best in this field. She is a brand ambassador of various skincare products in America and Europe.

2. Karlie Kloss: Karlie is a great supermodel of this era. She was born in St. Louis but due to her projects she has to move on to various places in the world. She is very dedicated to her job that’s why she is renowned in the world.

3. Heidi Mount: Heidi is a very beautiful model of this era. She is in the industry from many years and till now she has been seen on various cover pages and various fashion shows. Her career graph is very good and by her growth rate it is obvious that she is going to be a great one in this field.

4. Devon Aoki: Devon is a cute girl, and she was very beautiful since her school time. You will find her in different cover pages of some renowned magazines. Devon is not just beautiful but also highly educated. Her sweetness and charm are enough to win the heart of the fans.

5. Niki Taylor: Niki is a very highly paid model, and she has one of the most loved figures in this industry. She was born in South Florida but when she came to America with her parents the doors of modelling opened for her. She takes more than 500,000 dollars for each job.

6. Joan Smalls: Joan is an American babe, and she has one of the best figures in the industry. You will find her in various cover pages, and when she appears in bikini she looks amazing. Joan is a brand ambassador of various skin care products.

7. Allesandra Ambrosio: Allesandra is a very beautiful and popular model of this era. She is known for her work in the Victoria secrets. She is hard working because if you don’t work hard you cannot get fame in such short time. She is a sexy babe who is desired by all.

8. Katheryn Elizabeth: The world knows her as Katy Perry. She is not just a super model but also a singer and a great song writer. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Katy is mainly popular as a vocalist, but her modelling career is also very good.

9. Adriana Lima: Adriana is a Brazilian babe, and you know that the world is crazy for Latino girls. Adriana came to the industry when she was a 16-year-old cute girl, but now she has become one of the hottest models of this era.

10. Miranda Kerr: This cool Australian lady is known for her sweet smile and gentle nature. Her fans love her, and the companies prefer her for her good cooperative nature. Mirranda has won many beauty contests and many fashion model awards in her career.

These beautiful female models of 2016 are one of the hottest in the industry but also in the world, You will find good skill and photogenic faces here, and they will amaze you with their on camera performance.