Top Football Goal Keepers : Who can warm the blood while watching the game!

Top 10 Football goalkeepers in the world in 2015-2016 list and Highest paid and most popular football goalkeepers.

Who are the Popular Football Goal Keepers 2016 : Who can warm the blood while watching the game! : Football has won millions of hearts and rules supreme in the minds of many. The goal keepers are the most eminent players in any football team. They play efficiently despite of the fact that they are been given that much of attention that they usually deserve to get. There are many such footballers and specially goalkeepers who are working on the fact that how they can manage to make a position among the best football goal keepers on this planet.

Top 10 best goal keepers of football in 2016

There are many prominent goalkeepers in the world who have made wonderful performances and contributed a lot and even played a great role behind the winning of the team.The role of the goalkeeper is always a vital role in regard to the team’s overall looks. The entire performance of the football team depends on the goalkeepers whose individual performance counts the most. A goalkeeper is always supposed to have an eagle’s eye on the players and the football, the strong defence from his side is the vital part in the game.

Here is a list of those stars in the game, top 10 best football goalkeepers in 2016, who won millions of hearts with their goalkeeper’s calibre.

1. GIANLUIGI BUFFON: This goalkeeper plays from the team of Italy National Team. His ranking presently is on the 2nd place in the list of world’s best goalkeepers. He is very eminent and sharp with his calibre as a goalkeeper. In the modern generations, he may be called the best emerging Goalkeepers of the modern generations. He is very juventus and is continuing to impress the audience representing over more than 700 clubs. .

Top Football Goal Keepers 2016 list GIANLUIGI BUFFON

2. MANUEL NUER: This player is from the team of Munich Bayern and even represented the team of Germany, considered to be the best Goalkeepers in the world. This goalkeeper ranks among the top 10 best football goalkeepers in 2016. He has a record of saving the club of Bayern Munich from the certain defeats with his superb and outstanding defence. He is remarked as the best shot ceaser during the rounds of penalties.

Top Football Goal Keepers MANUEL NEUER