Top 10 Animals Sports that Entertain the World in 2016: Experience a whole new world of entertainment watching the animal sports

Experience a whole new world of entertainment watching the animal sports: Animals are considered to be the best entertainer of the world and mankind for a long time. There are several such animals that used to entertain the world by their versatile natures and natural entertaining attitude. Man has been in the attachment with them for the last hundreds of years and the animals are also attached to the entertainment for a long time. Below is the collection of the top 10 animals sports that entertain the world at most.

Among the many animals that have entertained the world through different games, there are some animals that have been a popular name and there are few games also that are known and became famous by their names only. The world is getting entertainment from them for a long time, and although there has been new entertaining arrangements, but man likes to get their best entertainment.

Top 10 animals sports that Entertain the World

The following list of the top ten animals sports that entertains, have made the game popular by their involvement in it.

1. Bulls in the Ritualistic Slaughter – This is the game where the bulls are made to fight with other bulls. Their aggression in the game makes the crowd feel entertained and that gives pleasure to many eyes among the crowd. As the fight goes on, there becomes a preference in the crowd for a particular bull and the crowd feels attached to their liked bulls while getting joy from the fight.

2. Horses in a Race – Getting pleasure and joy by seeing a horsed running with full pace is something more entertaining than the car races also. The horses in their run, leaves the other animals behind and the gorgeous view of their run creates a funny and pleasing environment among the gathered crowd.

3. Dog in the dog fighting tournament – The dog in the dog fighting tournament is another thing that has been entertaining the world immensely. The dogs fight among themselves and that creates a real funny environment among the crowd, especially by seeing the long and healthy dogs fighting among themselves.

4. White tiger of Montecore – Montecore was a white tiger who has been loved by many and it made the entire class of the white tigers famous in the world. Now people love to find the white tigers at zoos and parks, but the liking started from Montecore.

5. Paul the Octopus – The octopus Paul became a famous gamer in the FIFA world cup. Its super quality to predict the results of the football match made the animal a popular name in the world and especially among the football playing nations of the world. The octopus was born in England and was brought up at Germany. The animal changes the view of the world in looking the octopus as a wild sea animal and a new concept started with their predicting capacity.

6. Greyhounds in the racing – The game started in the late 20th century, but the key for starting the game was the natural speed of the greyhounds. The spellbinding speed of the greyhounds has been an entertaining episode and a great addition with the dog racing and is now a very popular game of the animals in the west.

7. Cocks in the cockfighting – This is a game full of fun, where the cocks of wildest nature fight among themselves to entertain the crowd. The cocks fight among themselves and that even makes the gaming zone full of blood and shred and thus the animals sports that entertains is popular by the name of rooster’s blood sport.

8. The animal star Keiko – Keiko is a whale born in 1978 and that whale has been a famous animal as it appeared in several movies of Hollywood. It also became a part in the team of the Free Willy in 1993 and now it is the biggest animal star in the world. Before it there have been no such big animals or mammals in the film industry to become so popular in the world.

9. Congo, the most intelligent Chimpanzee – Congo is a smart chimpanzee and is born in 1954 and may be referred to be the most intelligent chimpanzee in the world. The animal is a superb painter and its painting abilities made human also astonished. It is now a very much popular animal and is often used to train other chimpanzees to paint pictures.

10. The pleasing animal, Jumbo – Jumbo was born in 1861 and is the most pleasing animal in the circus. There are several animals like Jumbo in the circus, but its dedication for the circus is really mind pleasing. It is fact that it is not trained any further, but it trains the new comers in that circus how to work on their tricks.

The game animal that entertains has been emphasizing the entire human race for a long time and will be continuing in the business for a long time.