Top 10 Hottest Female Bodybuilders of All Time : Sports and sizzling go side by side for Female Bodybuilders of All Time

Top 10 Hottest Female Bodybuilders of All Time: Everyone wants to get ripped and fit body. Previously, only male took part in the bodybuilding competition but now women also started showing interest and taking part in the bodybuilding competition. Female sports person these days are participating in the bodybuilding competition since 1970. When you get the chance to see some amazing ladies participating in sports and that too in which there is need of immense power to show and still look hot , it impresses the world at large. These sports persons need to work really hard to shine in this field and to look sizzling needs separate effort at their end. A question comes to mind as who those popular female Bodybuilders are creating strong impact on the mind of fans both with their talent and beauty. Read more to know them.

hottest female bodybuilders 2016

The Hottest and talented Female body builders from the world of sports

There are many hottest female bodybuilders who look fantastic all time. All female bodybuilders spend countless hours daily to get fit body. The hottest female bodybuilders are pretty women. The top 10 hottest and beautiful female bodybuilders of all time are mentioned in below list.

1. Jennifer Rish – Jennifer Rish is from southern California, who started competing in 2008. She involved in two figure competition. She eats only healthy food and always spends 5-6 hours in work outs to maintain fit and slim body. She was a kick boxer and gymnast. She involved her time in competing, modelling and working as a nurse. She keeps her busy in figure competitions.

2. Jen Hendershott – Jennifer Hendershott is one of the professional fitness competitors. She is from the United States and well-known name in the fitness industry. She has difficult gymnastic routines and running their special phat camps where she helps other women and inform them about the diet, health and exercise. So that they all eat only proper diet and get fit body. The biggest achievement of Jen Hendershott is that she won Fitness Olympia events and fitness international competition in 2005.

3. Soleivi Harnandez – she started weight training at the age of 22 and then competing in 2006 to become the figure professional. Soleivi Harnandez involved in many figure competitions and shows her fitness talent to all over the world.

4. Brooke Holladay – She is one of the hottest female bodybuilders in the top 10 list. She won 2 fitness competitions and belonged to the modelling background. Brooke Holladay is very energetic and shows all her talent in figure competitions. Before becoming the bodybuilder, Brooke was a great dancer and gymnast.

5. Jennifer Boomfield – Jennifer Boomfield is always wanted to be athletic because all her family members were muscular. She started competing since 2002 and involved in number of figure competitions.

6. Cory Everson – She is one of the oldest and hottest fitness professionals in the list. The fact about Cory Everson is that she won Ms. Olympia context continuously six years from 1984 to 1989. She wrote a book about her bodybuilding experience and then played comeo roles in serials or movies.

7. Erica Cordie – She is the hottest female bodybuilders who always shows interest in modelling but after the accident she started weightlifting and bodybuilding and became the figure professional.

8. Moorea Wolfe – She is from Arizona and started competing bodybuilding since 2000. Initially, she started her career in dancing and competing in gymnastics but later on she moved to full-time fitness competitions. Moorea Wolfe also worked as a professional trainer.

9. Oksana Grishina – She began competing bodybuilding since 2004. She is a fantastic looking female bodybuilder. She involved in many fitness competitions.

10. Wendy Lindquist – She is one of the cutest and Hottest female bodybuilder. She worked very hard to become the famous fitness model. Wendy Lindquist started competing in bodybuilder competitions since 2001. She belonged to Britain and started her career as a dancer and gymnast. Her abs, legs and pipes are very strong.

All these female bodybuilders are very famous and won many bodybuilding competitions. These are the top 10 hottest female bodybuilders all the time. They give professional fitness training to other women so that everyone gets slim and fit body.